Sunday, August 18, 2013

MS Fundraiser At The Paint Bar

On Friday night Jenn and I hosted a MS fundraiser at The Paint Bar for the 2nd year in a row (read about last year's event here).  We had several enthusiastic family members and friends show their support by joining us to paint "Cape Hydrangeas."  We chose this painting since we are raising money for our 50 mile walk on Cape Cod and because we love it!

In case you don't know how these places work. . . you basically paint a painting step-by-step as the teacher instructs you and demonstrates.  Oh and you drink while doing it which makes your painting look much better!

Jenn and I are in the final countdown to the MS Challenge Walk (3 weeks).  We will be busy training hard and raising the rest of the money necessary to participate!

My cousin-in-law Meghan (right) and her sister Leigh Ann had signed up to walk with Jenn and I but then Meghan had to go and get pregnant! Ha!  She had Callen a month ago and this was her first night out! Woo hoo!  Oh and they both said they would be walking next year!!!

Jenn's birthday is on Wed so we made sure to embarrass her by letting the owners know.  Jenn got to wear this very special birthday hat! 

This is our whole group! There were other people there too that weren't part of our fundraiser.  I love how everyone's paintings come out a little different but still all look awesome (especially considering none of us are artists)!

Here is a look at "the process."  I always forget to take a picture of every single step but here is most of them.  You can get an idea of how it comes along.  The teacher, Juliane was awesome and did such a good job of taking us through the steps. 

At the end of the night Jill, the owner, presented Jenn and I each with a check for $100.  Jill has been such a big supporter and we are so appreciative!  We love going to The Paint Bar and even better that we can raise money for MS while having fun. 

If you live in the area I HIGHLY recommend going to The Paint Bar.  It is such a fun thing to do with a group of friends!  They have two locations.  We went to the one in Newton but there is now a 2nd location in Boston on Newbury Street!

If you would like to make a donation to my MS Challenge Walk fundraising you can do it here.


  1. jodi this is so so cool! How did you learn about doing a fundraiser at such a neat place? I am doing a fundraiser for my race at a couple of local restaurants but this is too awesome! I would love to find something creative like this!

  2. Wow, this is amazing!!!!! What a fantastic idea, you're such an inspiration. I feel like I'm such a slacker when it comes to the fundraising stuff, I just bug all my friends on Facebook. You've definitely got the wheels turning to do something fun like this for my walk. Congrats on such a successful night, the pictures are great. <3

  3. How generous of Jill! So glad things went well :)

  4. That's so great! I have ZERO artistic ability, so I know mine would come out looking horrible, but this seems like such a fun outing!!

  5. What an awesome fundraiser and amazing paintings!