Friday, August 30, 2013

Five On Friday

Ella, my other niece, had her first day of school today. This is her 2nd year of pre-school.  She goes three days a week!  I figured since I shared about Peyton's first day yesterday I should share about Ella's too.

I was cleaning pictures off my iPhone and I realized that I take A LOT of "necklace selfies."  Ha!  This isn't even close to all of my necklaces but it is a good sampling!  Statement necklaces are by far my favorite accessory!

Speaking of necklaces I asked your advice when I was "shopping" for my free Stella and Dot items that I earned from my online party/fundraiser (blog post about that coming next week).  I love both of these - they are so different that I would love both but way too much money.  I ended up going w/ the one on the left.  I love it and it is $70 cheaper than the one on the right so it just made more sense.  I'll be sharing the other things I got next week.

I've been doing a dairy free diet since Monday (with only one slip up).  Over the weekend I ate my favorite dairy food - grilled cheese, pizza and pinkberry froyo!  Yum!  If I do end up staying dairy free I'll sure miss these things.  Right now I'm just doing a 2 week food trial. My doctor wanted to see if it help some issues I'm having. . . we shall see.

I can't believe the MS Challenge Walk is NEXT weekend!!!!!  I walked 10 miles last Sunday and 5 miles last night.  I plan to do a couple walks this weekend and then hopefully I'll be ready!  But the reason for the sad face in the picture above is b/c while on my 10 mile walk I lost $20 cash that I had brought with me to use at St. Anthony's Feast in the North End.  It is a festival with tons of yummy food and they take cash only.  So I walked all the way there and then had no money to buy anything.  I was really mad.  It must have been a sign that I didn't need to eat unhealthy foods!  Ha!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I'll be on the Cape savoring up the last bit of summer!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness LOVE your collection of necklaces!!! :)

  2. OMG I can't believe all of those are YOUR necklaces - ha! I love so many of them, and I have at least two of them, but I definitely thought it was a spread from a magazine or something!! Beautiful collection for sure!!
    Good luck with the dairy-free thing - yikes. I could NOT hack that! But if it's effecting your health...
    That totally stinks about losing your $$!!! Something good must be coming your way after that debacle. Happy weekend...:-)

  3. You have SO many necklaces!!! I love the necklace you ended up getting- that was my vote! I just wish Stella & Dot wasn't so expensive. I wanted to buy so many but it was just way out of budget :(

  4. Hooray!! You got the necklace I voted for!