Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekend on The Cape

Yes I realize it is Wednesday.  Yes I realize it took me a while to get my "weekend recap" posted.  Yes I realize I always say I need more hours in the day.  Better late than never.  Here is what I did last weekend. . .

I drove down to the Cape on Saturday afternoon.  My nieces Peyton and Ella were there for a weekend with Grammy and Grampy.  I met up with them at a store they were shopping at and the girls were so hyper silly! We went to Panera for dinner and then to get ice cream for dessert.  It was so cold out that we couldn't even sit outside to eat our ice cream.  We had to eat it in the car!!!! 

The main reason I went to the Cape was to see my cousin Katelyn ride in the Cape Cod Getaway (CCG).  It is a 2 day, 150 mile bike ride for MS.  This is Katelyn's 2nd year participating and in addition to pedaling all those miles she also raised a lot of money for MS!

The girls made some signs for Katelyn while we waited for her to arrive.  I had told her the general area we would be in so she couldn't miss us.  She was able to stop and chat for a few minutes.  Of course we thanked her and congratulated her! 

We went home and had breakfast and then played for a while.  The girls must have asked 100 times if we could go to the pool but the weather was so gross - gray, foggy and chilly!  They didn't care at all!  We decided to take a walk to the beach never thinking they would want to play there for so long.  It was SO windy but they didn't care.  They ran around and had so much fun.  Then we went to the pool (which is heated) and I saw on a lounge chair under a towel.  Haha!

That evening we went to dinner and the girls were really excited to wear their new dresses from Grammy and Grampy!  After dinner we did a little photo shoot outside b/c the restaurant had some pretty hydrangeas!  These two are such hams.  They love "posing" and are just too cute!

Besides the beach and the pool I think their MOST favorite thing to do on the Cape is go to the trampolines.  I loved them too when I was little (actually who am I kidding I still love them)!  When Peyton was little we took her there and she LOVED them and called them the "jumpolines."  Too funny. 

They both jumped non-stop for the whole 10 minutes and they laughed and smiled the whole time.  It is so fun to watch them having fun!

After that it was time for them to go to bed and for me to head back to Boston.  I told my mom that the only good thing about crappy weather ON the Cape is no traffic driving OFF the Cape.  I got home in record time!  The weather was cold and miserable but it was a fun weekend anyways!

I'm heading back to the Cape in for the 4th!  I'm so excited to have a 4 day weekend.  Fingers crossed for some good pool weather.  I just want to sit outside, relax and read a book!

Happy 4th of July!  Hope everyone does something fun!


  1. aw they're so cute!! it's amazing how kids don't care about weather (or dirt) and will play anywhere!! your cousin (right?) is amazing for biking all those miles and for 2 days?! congrats to her!!

  2. Looks like someone discovered A Beautiful Mess! I'm loving Ella and Peyton's dresses, I would wear that. You know, if it came in my size. Have a great, relaxing, wonderful 4th of July weekend away in the Cape!! Hoping the rainy weather we've been having goes away for the weekend.

  3. Wow- no traffic? Crazy. Looks like it was a fun time!!

  4. Wow-- I cannot imagine the pain that 150 miles on a bike in two days would cause in my rear end... Lol.