Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dressing For A Country Concert

Friday night I'm heading to Fenway Park. . . but not for a Red Sox game.  I'm going to a country concert.  This is not just any country concert.  It is Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett. . . pretty awesome right!?

The problem is I have NO IDEA what to wear.  We're talking first world problems here people.  I need your help. 

I went to DSW the other night and was happily surprised to find not one but two pairs of cowboy boots.  The pair on the left was in the regular section and the pair on the right was in the sale racks w/ 40% off.  Since I likely won't wear these very often I'm leaning towards the cheaper pair (which are $20 less). 

But I'm totally indecisive and just can't choose which ones to keep (I bought both).  I took to social media for your help and it only confused me more!  Here is what you said:

Facebook - The left pair got 4 votes and the right pair got 7 votes
Instagram - The left pair got 3 votes and the right pair got 2 votes
Twitter - The left pair got 1 vote and the right pair got 0 votes

Total - left 8 votes and right 9 votes


So what do you, my blog readers, think?  Give me your vote.

AND help me figure out what to wear. . .


Colored shorts and a chambray shirt??

I just don't know!

Thanks for your help!


The most indecisive (and excited) country concert goer ever!


  1. I love the boots on the right. They're cute and a little different! When it comes to country concerts, I'm all about a cute sundress or lace dress with boots if the weather is nice! Chambray is also perfect country concert attire. I live and breath this stuff during rodeo season :)

  2. I vote left...just because they go with more and you'll get more mileage out of them! Have so much fun!

  3. As someone who owns at least three pairs of cowboy boots, I would say go with the ones on the left because they will go with more. I almost always only buy brown boots because I know that they will match with whatever I am wearing.

    And as far as what to wear, I say go with what is comfortable. You don't want to be uncomfortable the whole time, you will want to enjoy yourself and not be worrying about if you dress is falling down(if you have that problem, I know I do) or something else like that.

    And I just saw Miranda a few weeks ago. She was amazing! I hope you have a great time!!

  4. Well this sounds like a blast!!! I love the boots on the right!! You will look great either way!!

  5. I am probably just wearing flip flops and shorts- its too dang hot!! :)

  6. Definitely a dress with those boots. And I'll give the tie to the cheaper pair unless one is more comfortable than the other. The comfortable pair will always win. Have fun!! :)

  7. I like the ones on the left. Either outfit idea sounds really cute, but I like the shorts and chambray shirt.

  8. They're both cute, but I'm partial to the ones on the right! I also vote sun dress just because I associate Fenway with being all hot and sweaty for some reason hahaha and I think sun dresses are cooler and more comfy!

  9. I have to be honest, I'm not really into the whole cowboy boots look. But, I do understand why you NEED them for the concert. I still like the plain brown on theleft better, but if they aren't something you are going to get a lot of wear from, then go with the cheaper pair!!!

    I like the shorts and chambray shirt

  10. I am sure I am too late on the boots thing but I like the one on the left and I saw that he was coming to Wrigley too and wanted to go then I was so jealous when I found out from Rachel you were seeing this concert! Have a blast!!!

  11. I am like you, I don't know....depends whether you want to be a little fancy with the ones on the right....or get more wear out of the ones on the left. Both are perfect for concert

  12. I like the cheaper pair so much better! I hope you got them!!! :-)

  13. I'm a fan of brown cowboy boots--coming from someone who has 4 pairs and 3 of them are brown. I did a post about what to wear to a country concert on my blog!

  14. I definitely love the brown ones best but I am sure you had a wonderful time regardless of the pair you chose! :)

  15. I hope you enjoyed the concert. I have seen Miranda a couple of times...

  16. How fun! Another blogger was there too and I saw her tweet that the concert broke the record for most people at a concert. I'd totally want to see him live. He's playing at The Hollywood Bowl but with diff people, I think.

  17. Hope you had a lot of fun at the concert!