Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cape Cod Weekends Are The Best

Well I guess I should go ahead and blog about my weekend on the Cape since it is almost the next weekend!  This week has been so busy and I've hardly had time to blog.  I'm staying in Boston this weekend for the first time in a few weeks.  I'm hoping to get organized since my house is a disaster and maybe find some free time for blogging!  We'll see if it all actually happens.

I drove down Saturday morning.  The only good thing about bad weather is NO TRAFFIC!  I got there in 1.5 hours!  Saturday was a lazy day - hung out with my mom, grandmother, sister-in-law, and nieces.  My dad and brother were both working so it was all girls!!!

Of course there was time spent at the pool.  Peyton wanted pictures taken while she was jumping in so it would look like she was "flying."

Saturday night we all went out to dinner (minus my grandmother who was out w/ friends).  In order to fit in one car someone had to sit in the middle of these two cuties!  It is a tight squeeze between the car seats but who can resist these two!?

No weekend on the Cape is complete without ice cream!  The Cape has a lot of "famous" ice cream shops with long lines and big crowds but the girls favorite spot is this little place nearby.  Do you want to know why. . . because they have a wooden train that you can climb on.  They love that thing!  Funny this is that I love going to here now too b/c they have cake batter ice cream w/ chocolate swirled through.  It is my FAVORITE and I can't find it anywhere else!

Sunday morning Jenn and I did a training walk since in less than 2 months we will be walking 50 miles for MS.  We walked 6 miles and by the time we were done the fog had burned off and it was shaping up to be a beautiful day.  Would you check out these hydrangeas!!???  Just gorgeous! Those colors.  Yes I do realize that I take far too many photos of hydrangeas but I can't help it.  They are my favorite and just so pretty.

And then there was more pool time!  Oh and my brother arrived so Peyton was happy to finally have someone other than Ella go in the pool w/ her.

Sunday night we went out to dinner (minus Jenn and Ella b/c Ella had a fever).  Peyton was so excited that my brother and grandmother were getting lobster.  She loves to look at it and was fascinated w/ watching my brother crack into it but she wouldn't try it! Ha!  Oh and I had some delicious cheesecake for dessert (and I wondered why the scale showed me gaining weight when I weighed myself on Monday morning.  Hmmm I wonder why. . . ice cream one night and cheesecake another!  Good thing I walked 6 miles)!

The night before I went down my parents had the girls there.  My dad was umpiring a Cape Cod League Baseball game so my mom took the girls so they could watch Grampy.  I just thought these pictures were cute!

Three weekends in a row on the Cape.  They were all good.  Now for a weekend off.  Don't worry I'll have plenty of fun around Boston and then be back on the Cape soon.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. 


  1. I would kill for some pool time. Hopefully next week I'll be a little less out of it so I can get out and do fun things...aka lie by the pool.

  2. The Cape looks like so much fun! And I don't blame you with the hydrangea pictures... so, so pretty!!!

  3. Hydrangeas are so beautiful. I love the variety of colors and the abundance of flowers.

    Do your parents live on the Cape?

    Great weekend! Your little niece with the dark hair looks just like you.

  4. SOOO jealous! I was on business trip a few years ago in Southborough, Mass and one night agter work , drove to the Cape to have dinner just to say i've been to the Cape. I had lobster and it was fabulous.
    Your nieces are precious and those hydrangeas are gorgeous.

  5. Sounds pretty darn perfect to me! Hope you enjoy your weekend at home! I have a pretty low key weekend at home too! I definitely have several things I need to get done in the house!

  6. Oh my! This blog should come with a diet warning! I am starving because I started a diet this morning that is all smoothies and I keep forgetting to make them. Now I want ice cream and cheese cake! Lol.