Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stephanie and Matt's Wedding

Today I'm back to share more about my California vacation (part 1 here).  This post is all about the wedding and wedding related events.  It had been 2.5 years since I last saw Stephanie when I helped her moved from San Fran to LA to start her new life as a lawyer.  Stephanie and I were roommates in Boston while she was in law school.  I still haven't forgiven her for leaving me! :)

Would you believe that I had never met her (now) husband!?  Pretty crazy huh!?  Well when you live 3000 miles away I guess that is what happens (unfortunately).  So not only did I got to her wedding but I FINALLY met Matt!  And in case you are wondering I give my approval!

On Friday evening Steph and Matt hosted a get together at  West 4th and Jane Santa Monica.  It was an informal event to give everyone the chance to hang out before the big day.

Lynne, Brian and I actually met up w/ them early so that we could meet Matt and give Steph a special gift! ;)

On Saturday the wedding ceremony was at 3:00 PM at the church where Steph and Matt go. St. Monica's also just so happens to be the same church where Tom Brady and Giselle got married!  That is not why Steph picked this church.  Ha!

This church is gorgeous!   The priest who married them was wonderful.  He did such a nice job personalizing their wedding and he was so welcoming to all of us knowing pretty much everyone was from out of town!

They kept things simple by having a small bridal party of just their siblings.  I didn't get a picture of her sister's bridesmaid dress but it was so pretty!

Outside of the church there were beautiful hydragea bushes.  Love the colors.  All the wedding guests gathered on the church front steps for a group photo.  Can't wait to see how that comes out!!

The reception was just down the road at  The Victorian.  This is such a lovely place to have a reception.  Not on the ocean but so many other things that make it wonderful.  We had the entire place to ourselves which is always so nice for a wedding.  The cocktail hour was outside on the patio and the weather was so nice.

We moved inside for dinner and then upstairs for dancing (and there was a great porch w/ comfy chairs for relaxing).  The whole place just had so much charm.  I can totally understand why they chose it!

The food was delicious.  I got the chicken (no surprise there since I don't eat steak or fish).  Everyone at the table said there food was good too!

The wedding cake was actually a cupcake tower from Vanilla Bake Shop.  There were several different flavors and since they were bite size you were allowed to eat 10, 5, 2!

Stephanie looked BEAUTIFUL!  I love her dress and it was so slimming and flattering on her.  Oh and check out those shoes (on both of them)!  Love that Steph chose a fun pop of color.  Don't worry Matt changed his shoes into the sneakers after the church!

Hmmmm. . . by this point of the night the champagne had been flowing. . . for a while!  We hung out on the upstairs porch to check out the Super Moon!  So pretty! 

The happy couple took dance lessons and did a special dance for their first dance.  So cute!  I think they did a great job and Steph had a smile on her face the whole time.  Too bad iPhone photos don't come out as well in low light but you get the idea!

It was so fun to be hanging out with my former roomies.  Lynne, Steph and I (oh and our honorary roomie Brian) had such a great time living together.

We shared some great laughs and had fun celebrating with Steph on her wedding day!

Sunday we attended an after wedding picnic at  Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades. The biggest surprise to all of us. . . polo!  Did you know  people in the US actually play polo in real life?  I sure didn't.  Then again I had never been to Pacific Palisades.  It was fun watching it while we all hung out and talked about the wedding. 

After the picnic I had some time to kill before my redeye flight so I extended my time hanging out w/ Steph which was great.  I went back to her apartment in LA and we chatted and caught up some more. 

It was a wondeful wedding and I loved seeing my good friend marry the man who makes her so happy.  They've promised me a trip to Boston so I'm holding them to it.  It will not be another 2.5 years w/o seeing each other!!


  1. What a gorgeous wedding! So great you were able to go.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! She looks absolutely stunning in her dress! And the venue! I hope she had the wedding she always dreamed of!

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  3. Pretty wedding! I like the dress you wore!

  4. What a beautiful wedding! It's so much fun catching up with old roomies, isn't it?

  5. Gorgeous wedding! Glad you had so much fun!

  6. Wow, that wedding was so beautiful. That church... Gorgeous!!

    I love every single dress you've ever posted a pic of yourself wearing. Where my dear, do you do the bulk of your clothes shopping?

  7. What a gorgeous wedding and reception! It looks like it was a wonderful time! :-)

  8. That wedding looked wonderful. And that dessert stand on my! I lived on the west coast for a decade in Seattle right before I moved back to NY I went down to SF for three days. Never made it down to LA but would love to get there one of these days.

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  9. that is a long time to go without seeing her! looks like a beautiful wedding - I LOVE her dress. and your dresses too!

  10. What a beautiful wedding!! From the church to the reception. It's all so gorgeous.

    I feel like I've heard about the polo before. I think Will & Kate went to one of those events when they visited the US after their wedding.

  11. Her dress is gorgeous, and I love the color in her shoes. Fabulous wedding weekend!

  12. Looks like you had a marvelous time!

  13. Beautiful wedding! You look great in all of your pictures and I love your dress!

  14. The oldest polo field in the United States is actually in our state, Hamilton!!

  15. Beautiful venue and flowers... and you look gorgeous in that dress! Such a great color.

  16. wow the wedding looked amazing!! i think i briefly looked into The Victorian as a possible venue for my wedding. I love you're pre-wedding, meet up dress!!