Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Newport and Red Sox Game (Staycation Day 4)

And then we finally get to the final recap of my Staycation!  I really can't believe how long it has taken me to get 4 days posted on the blog.  I've just been crazy busy with work and life!  I can assure you that Day 4 was worth the wait.  Today I'm telling you all about when Rachel and I went to Newport and then the Red Sox/Rangers game! 

Make sure to read my posts about Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 as well especially if you are planning a trip to Boston!

As I had mentioned in my previous post, Rachel and I had planned to go to Newport the previous day but it was raining.  So we reorganized and made it work for her last full day in town.  The only problem was we also had tickets to the Red Sox/Rangers game that night so it limited the time we could spend in Newport.

Newport is 1 1/2 hours away so we got on the road at 9AM (hoping it would be right after rush hour) and we made great time getting there.  Our first stop was at one of the famous Newport Mansions, The Breakers.

The Breakers is the most famous of all the Newport Mansions and I'm sure you can tell from the pictures why. . . it is GORGEOUS!  We bought the "package" for The Breakers +  One for $24.50.  That meant we could pick one other mansion to visit - pretty good deal.

You do a self guided audio tour (see headphones and thing around our neck).  The audio tour was REALLY good!  I liked it a lot.  It gave you the basics/overview and then also gave you options to hear more detail if you wanted by pressing certain numbers.

I can't even begin to describe to you the "fabulousness" that is this house summer cottage mansion!  It is amazing.  The inside is so beautiful and reminds we a lot of places I've only seen in Europe.

The Breakers was The Vanderbilt's summer "cottage" even though it has 70 rooms!  It was built in 1893 for The Vanderbilt's to enjoy with their seven children.  Oh and the views are AMAZING!

In 1972 The Preservation Society bought the home from The Vanderbilt heirs and the house is now designated a National Historic Landmark.

This is a must-see if you are ever in/near Newport.  It is like nothing else I've seen in the USA!  

For our 2nd mansion we chose to visit The Marble House based on a few friends' recommendations.  This house was owned by "the other" Vanderbilt's, brother to the owner of The Breakers.  Lucky family!  This home was built between 1888 and 1892 (prior to The Breakers actually)!
This house was a gift to the wife, Alva, from her husband, for her 39th birthday.  Nice gift!  They had three children and ended up divorcing in 1895.  Then Alva married some other rich guy and moved down the street into one of the other mansions, The Belcourt.  I can't make this stuff up.  There was scandal even back then!!

The Preservation Society acquired this house in 1963 and in 2006 it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

While The Marble House isn't as big as The Breakers it is still amazing.  Again we had a self-guided audio tour which was very interesting!

We drove by the other mansions and they are all beautiful.  I hope to visit some of the others in the near future.

Our next stop was at the Cliff Walk.  This is a 3.5 mile walk along the ocean and you can also see many of the Newport Mansions along with other private homes. 

Could we have been in Newport on a MORE gorgeous day!?  (The answer is no in case you are wondering)!  It seriously was a "top 10" day in my book.  The temp was perfect and the sky was so blue with perfectly place fluffy clouds. 

We enjoyed soaking up the views and the sun for a little while.  We made sure to get plenty of pictures.  Rachel loved seeing the Atlantic Ocean and couldn't get over how blue it was! 

The best part of being at a tourist attraction on a pre-peak season and a non-weekend day is no crowds.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  The mansions were hardly crowded and the Cliff Walk only had a few other people checking it out.  I love feeling like you have a place to yourself.

We ended our day downtown with lunch and window shopping.  Again, due to no crowds we had no problem getting a table outside on the water with no wait.  We soaked up some more sun and ate more french fries (not sure if you have noticed but I ate a lot of fries while Rachel was in town)!

After eating we walked around the harbor and enjoyed all the views.  They photos are unedited (except for cropping).  The day was so pretty!  I loved window shopping since I will never be able to afford the prices in Newport!  All the stores were a little pricey!

We cruised back to Boston and quickly changed into our game clothes.  We hopped on the bus to head down to Fenway.  On the bus ride I took a selfie (bottom right picture) and posted it on IG saying "enemies tonight."  Of course I was kidding kind of!  I'm not one of those sports fans who can't be friends with people just because they cheer for another team unless of course we are talking about a Yankees fan.

Rachel and I wanted to get to the game a little early so we could hang out on Yawkey Way.  It is the street along one side of Fenway that is closed and you can only go in if you have tickets to the game.  They sell food and beer and a lot of other fun stuff is going on.  It is a great scene!

I hardly took any pictures once inside for the game since we took so many the previous day during the tour.  But there was a picture worthy moment for Rachel. . . she got a ball. . . not any ball though.  A Rangers player hit a home run right to where we were sitting and the guy in front of us who got it (a Red Sox fan) gave it to Rachel.  She was so excited!  I still can't believe a home run ball came to our area.  I'm just glad it didn't smack me in the face!

Oh and just in case you were wondering. . . the Red Sox WON!  Not only did they win but they did so by a lot.  I'm just glad Rachel is a good sport and had a blast at Fenway despite her team losing.  At least she got a ball.

The next day I had to go back to reality work and Rachel had to head to the airport.  We had such a great 4 days and managed to see and do SO much!  I loved having a Staycation in Boston.  I was able to do things I've never done and I've lived here most of my life (except for college in NC and 1 year in CA).  It was a great kickoff to my summer.

For those of you who have asked/wondered. . . Rachel and I did meet through blogging. This was our 3rd blate (blogger + date).  We met in November 2012 at Katie's wedding and then saw each other when I was in TX for Blissdom in March 2013. 

Rachel and I have several differences (where we live, political views, religious views, etc).  But for all our differences we have just as many if not more things in common.  We had a wonderful time exploring Boston and beyond and it was so fun to get to know Rachel even better.  She has become a great friend (all thanks to blogging)!


I'll be taking a little break from blogging while I'm in CA on vacation to celebrate my good friend Stephanie's wedding!!!! 

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  1. Nice! We are going to Newport this weekend! Can't wait!! Have fun in CA!

  2. If i don't get to Newport this summer, I am considering the season an entire fail! It is one place I have never really explored beyond a dinner or two.

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  4. Love Newport, such pretty scenes and I'd like a mansion as my push present when (and if) I get married haha

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  6. Gorgeous pictures! That looks like such a fun trip! Also, first time visitor and I'm in love with your blog design!

  7. Ok, I just read all your staycation recaps and am going to bookmark these posts since you basically just planned my itinerary when I ever make it out to Boston. What an awesome time! The weather, the food, the sights1 I'm jealous! Your pictures were amazing too!

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