Tuesday, May 7, 2013

StyleFixx Boston

Before I tell you about StyleFixx I wanted to let you know that I won a raffle prize from The Paint Bar.  I won a one month VIP membership at Boston Sports Club!  I guess that is a sign that I need to get my butt to the gym!  I mean I couldn't have won a restaurant or shopping gift certificate. . . Lol!  To read about The One Fund fundraiser I went to on Sunday night go here.

Last Thursday night I attended StyleFixx.  Have you heard of it?  It is basically an event with fashion, beauty, shopping, and they have a bar!

I went with Georgina who had been invited to attend as a VIP.  Not sure what the difference is between VIP and non-VIP to be honest. . . so basically the meaning to me is that we attended for free.

Oh and admission included 4 drinks!  We had ourselves some tasty pink moscato champagne.  Yum!

Other than drinking we spent most of our time shopping at the jewelry tables because you know how much I love necklaces!!!  There were several vendors there and we saw a lot of cute stuff.  You could also sign up to get your hair done but we didn't want to wait.  We got great swag bags with coupons, samples and other fun stuff.  Love the swag!

 After browsing through all the tables I finally found a necklace that I couldn't resist at The Pink Poppy.  Since I didn't pay for a ticket to get in I could totally justify buying a necklace!  Isn't it pretty?  I love the hot pink and orange color combo and I worn it on Friday to work w/ a blouse that matched perfectly!  

The Pink Poppy has really cute stuff.  I really want one of those starfish scarves too!  I had never heard of them but I'm not a fan on Facebook and they do flash sales every week.

Georgina and I had a lot of fun.  It was a nice night out.  It was very crowded which made it hard to see and do everything.  I wish they would sell less tickets so that you would have a bit more room to move around.  I had gone to this event a few years ago and it was the same way which is why I hadn't gone back.  But again for free it was good.  I wouldn't pay to go due to the crowds (not I sound old)!

Oh and one other thing - Georgina and I had our picture taken in two "photo booths" and both said they would be posted online and neither are.  I'm so bummed b/c I don't have any pics of us from the event and we looks super cute!!

Have you been to StyleFixx?  Check their website to see if they are coming to your city!


  1. Very fun! Any event that involves champagne makes me happy :)

  2. And again, I love that necklace. Seriously-- you've got the best taste in jewelry! I need you to go shopping for me... ;)

  3. Looks like fun!

  4. Love the necklace! Glad you found something you loved. And crowded places aren't fun, so I completely understand why you wouldn't go back if you had to pay, haha!

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  6. I LOVE the necklace you picked! And so fun about Boston Sports Club. We used to go to the one in Woburn when we lived there and we LOVED it!

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  8. Well you had me at wine and then you sucked me in with jewelry! Congrats on the gym membership! That necklace is awesome!

  9. Never heard of that event but it looks amazing!!

  10. Woohoo yay for winning! And don't say that - you're already in GREAT shape! So sad our pretty photos aren't up yet either, I think I'm going to just hold off from posting until they come through in protest lol.
    Love love love that necklace, Katie is so right - you have great taste in jewelry xo

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