Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Wednesday - Five Things

I have a bunch of things that I haven't had a chance to share with you on my blog.  None of them go together so this is a random one.  I kind of love random posts though don't you!?  

This weekend my niece, Peyton (5), had her first dance competition.  She had two dances - a jazz performance and a tap performance.  They did a great job.  Peyton is one of the youngest on her team and she did such a great job - I loved seeing her smile up on the stage.  They won awards for both dances!!!

On another note - this "dance world" is so foreign to me.  I was not a dancer growing up.  This stuff is crazy.  I saw some young girls wearing some stripper-like costumes and doing some rated R moves.  OMG!  I sent my sister-in-law a text during one of the scandalous performances to tell her I better NEVER see Peyton or Ella in a two piece dance costume. Ha!

Last week I went to an American Red Cross blood drive.  It was one that had been scheduled prior to the Boston Marathon tragedy but came at the perfect time.  It was at Boston College which is just a couple minutes from my house.  I made an appointment and was excited to be doing something to help following the tragedy.

BUT my blood didn't cooperate.  My iron was too low.  It needed to be 12.5 in order for me to donate and mine was only 11.0.  They checked it twice but no luck.  SO frustrating.

I really should have know.  I've been so incredibly tired lately.  I'm sure this is one of the reasons.  Since I don't eat meat or fish (except chicken sometimes) I try to eat a lot of spinach and other iron rich foods.  But I guess I wasn't eating enough.  So I went out and picked up a multi-vitamin.  I use to take one daily but got lazy.  Now I'm back at it.  I'll try to given blood again in a month or two.

A new pinkberry opened near my house.  This is good news and bad news.  Good because I LOVE pinkberry but bad b/c I LOVE pinkberry.  Haha!  I'm going to need to have some major self control in order to not go all.the.time.  It had actually been several weeks since I had any so this was a yummy treat.

Oh and I really think they should hire me to be the official taste tester! 

The other day, while at a red light I noticed this truck in front of me.  Doody Calls - creative yes, gross yes.  Franchises Available.  NO THANK YOU!  This is not a job I would ever want.

This is how my floor bed entire room has looked pretty much since I got back from BlissDom.  Yeah I realize that was in March.  Cut me some slack I'm a busy tired girl.  Oh and did I mention that those are all clean clothes.

If only magic little elves would come while I'm at work and put all my clothes away.  I can dream right!?  I promised Rachel my entire apartment would be clean by the time she gets here.

So I have 30 days.  That should be enough time, right!?

That's all for today!  Happy hump day!

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  1. Yay for the new Pinkberry and OMG at that truck/business lol I wonder how much they charge for each "removal." Lollll


  2. I've never had Pinkberry. I'm not sure we have any around!

    Why can't people pick up their own dog's poop? Oy.

  3. oh my gosh, the photos of peyton remind me of my years as a competitive dancer! she is so cute, the photos made me smile :)

  4. Cute dance photos! I can never give blood either because of my iron- need to start taking my vitamins!

  5. I am going to need to get Pinkberry this week now!!

  6. Your little neice is adorable!!! I agree with you, though, dance culture is CRAZY - especially for little girls!

  7. I'm with SMD, never had Pinkberry either. I don't think they are in our area. That cup of fruity goodness looks delish! And healthy!!! Sorry your Hgb was too low to give blood. Its the thought that counts, right??? If you ever get a chance, watch an episode of Dance Moms. Those bitches be crazy!!!!!!!

  8. Oh my word, Peyton is too cute!! And your room looks like ours. I have a HUGE pile of clothes that I need to hang up. But I'm too lazy... Haha

  9. I can't believe my trip is in 30 days!! YAY!!!! It seems like only yesterday you sent me a text and it was like 101 days away or something like that!

  10. I'm not very familiar with dance world either, but what I see on tv sometimes with the routines I'm like WHERE ARE THERE PARENTS!? Craziness.