Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Cara Box

For the 2nd month in a row I participated in the "Cara Box" exchange that Kaitlyn from Wifessionals organizes.  To check out my April Cara Box go here.

This month the theme was "Let's Get Regional" so we had to send things that were related to where we live.  Fun theme right!?

I was matched with Holli from Holli's Hoots and Hollers to give.  She lives in Dallas.  I was matched with Laura from Simply Me, The Way I See It to receive.  She lives in Dallas too.  Weird right?!  Even weirder is that Laura is real life friends w/ my blog friend (and now real life friend) Rachel.  Small world!!

So here is the Boston "stuff" I sent to Holli:

I love the cover of this issue of Boston magazine and I thought it was perfect to include in the package in light of how much Boston has been in national news lately!  Of course I had to include some Red Sox stuff and Dunkin Donuts coffee for making ice coffee in that big cup.  Cape Cod chips are a fun local snack too!

Laura is the sweetest and really went above and beyond with my Texas gifts!  The coral thing in the background in a beautiful infinity scarf that I am in LOVE with!!!  She also sent a necklace and earrings and said that all 3 of those things reminded her of a TX sunset.  Love how she thought outside of the box on that one!!

She also included some goodies - candy, jam and ketchup! Lol!  I look forward to checking out the Texas recipes too.  I love everything.  It was so fun to open.

(But don't get me started on the ordeal of picking it up at UPS.  Ugh!  So frustrating!  It was worth it though)!

Thank you so much Laura.  You are so thoughtful and I really appreciate the gifts and note!

Here is a better picture of the beautiful scarf.  I wore it to Peyton and Ella's dance recital!

I won't be participating in the Cara Box exchange in June.  I have a busy month with Rachel visiting for 5 days and then a trip to CA for a vacation and wedding.  If you want to participate head over to Kaitlyn's blog and sign up.  It is a great way to get to know other bloggers!

Cara Box


  1. This is so cute - what a fun idea!!
    I want to join in the next Cara Box :)

  2. Very cool Jodi!! Love that scarf - it's gorgeous on you :)

  3. What a wonderful concept and her gifts were so thoughtful (as were yours!) xo

  4. I am so sorry about the UPS thing. Last month the post office broke stuff when I sent it so I didn't want that to happen again. I will definately ask from now on before shipping that way! Yikes!!! I am so happy you liked everything! I had so much FUN shopping for you! Have a great week next week with Rachel!

  5. What a cool box! I'm going to check it out :)

    You gave and received some pretty cool stuff!

  6. That is such a cute scarf and you are beautiful! I also saw that magazine cover and love it so much. So simple, but a big statement.