Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Five

TGIF!!!!!! Even though this was a short week it felt long.  I dislike that!  But I like the fact that not only is it Friday but I'm about to start a long weekend/staycation.  I'm picking Rachel up at the airport tonight and she'll be here until Wed.  We have SO many fun things planned.  It is unusually hot in Boston right now and we are ready to enjoy the heat while visiting all the tourist spots, going to the NKTOB/Boys To Men/98 Degrees concert, and going to Fenway for a tour and then to see the Red Sox beat play the Rangers.  Woo hoo!!!  So excited.

1.  For all you FRIENDS lovers out there you have to watch this video.  It is an exact remake by Elon students on the campus.  I love my college.  So proud to be a graduate of this amazing school!!

 2.  Speaking of Elon. . . I ordered my brick.  I am pretty happy that they are doing this again.  Ever since I was a student there I've always wanted my name on one of the famous Elon bricks!  Can't wait to go back and visit so I can find it (once it is done).

Here it is! This is the panoramic pic Brian Williams snapped from the platform during his #ElonGrad address. #Elon

3.  Oh and STILL speaking of Elon. . . Brian Williams was the graduation speaker there last weekend.  His son graduated so it only made sense right!?  It is crazy to me how Elon is so much more "famous" now b/c when I went there nobody had ever heard of it!  Now everyone knows it and always has something nice to say about it.  He took a panoramic photo on his iPhone during his speech and then said he would email it everyone.  Lol!

4.  Don't worry new topic.  My brother Scott says I can add "plumber" to my resume since I successfully bought and installed a new toilet seat!!!  Mine broke and I really didn't feel like dealing w/ my landlord so I just went to Home Depot and bought one (w/ Scott's help over the phone - he works in a plumbing supply place so he is my go-to for this)!

5.  My neurologist said to eat high fat foods when taking my new oral med Tecfidera.  Since I always follow doctor's orders I got pancakes from the McD's drive through today.  I was just getting a sweet tea but then saw those and thought I would try them.  They were pretty good for fast food pancakes!  Day 4 of new med and all is going well.  No more flushing since day 1 and feeling ok overall.  Happy!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I know I will!!


  1. Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend! Enjoy this Boston heat! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Glad the new meds are going well!

    And yay for the amazing weekend. Sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff on the agenda :)

  3. I'm glad the new medication is going well! I've been craving pancakes so that picture had my stomach growling.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling good on your new meds.

    Hurrah for a staycation! Enjoy!

  5. Good job on installing the toilet seat! :) Glad the new meds aren't making you feel super yuck.

  6. Glad you're adjusting to the new medication. A new toilet seat sounds pretty exciting to me since we have two that are totally gross. We never replaced them when we moved into our house, and I can never get them to look clean. Stay cool this weekend! I can't believe how hot it is all of a sudden. I've got the kids' water table and pool out.

  7. I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Check out SunShine PenPals and join the fun! We'd love to have you!

  8. I saw the Friends remake last week and it is uncanny! They did such a great job.

    I'm glad your new medicine is working - and how awesome are those pancakes? I totally had some last week just because.

    My husband is a plumber, and he's constantly complaining about how easy some of the things he gets called out for are and how people could save a ton of money by doing it themselves - putting in a toilet is one of them! Yay for you!

  9. I'm a little late reading your Friday five! I'm glad the side effects are subsiding from your new meds.

    Been loving following your Staycation on the IG!
    Please don't go giiiiiirrrrrrrllllllll!!!!

  10. What an awesome remake of the Friends intro!!! hope you had an amazing weekend. :-)

  11. Now I want McDonald's pancakes!!! And I'm super impressed you installed that toilet seat. :)

  12. hey, you eat what the doctor tells you! lol

  13. how nice to be told to eat high fat foods! :) definitely listen to that! and I'm impressed about number 4!

  14. you installed a toilet all by yourself?! wow! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  15. Cheers to the new meds! Hope you continue to do well. Best, Christie