Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brunch at Bar 10 Boston

On Saturday I had the opportunity to have brunch at Bar 10 which is located in the Westin Copley HotelBlog and Tweet Boston organized the event and our brunch was complimentary which is always nice.  All opinions are my own.  Continue reading to see what I ate and what I thought. . .

Bar 10 has recently updated their restaurant and menu.  The new brunch menu is great with a nice assortment of food and drinks.  Anyone who knows me well can probably guess what I ordered to eat!?

We started out with a sample of the Raspberry Limosa (left) which has prosecco, limoncello and a splash of chambord.  It was SO good.  I never shy away from prosecco and the lemon and raspberry flavors were so good.  I would have ordered this to drink if we had not been given a sample.  Since we were it gave me a chance to try something else.  I ordered the Cucumber Lemonade which has cucumber vodka and lemonade (oh and a sugar rim which I LOVE)!  This drink was so light - not too sweet or too tart.  I really liked it and would order it again.

Did you guess right!?  I ordered the Belgian Waffles and they were delicious!!!!  I love how they are a different shape and size then "normal" waffles.  They were so good.  The syrup was warm and the butter was all soft and melty so it made it easy to spread.  Also the serving size was prefect (but if there had been a few more in front of me you know I would have kept eating).

It was Jane's birthday so at the end of our meal we sang happy birthday to her!  The chef wanted to make sure we got to sample a few things that nobody had ordered which was so nice.  I didn't try them b/c they had meat in them which I don't eat.  All the other bloggers said everything they ate was delicious.  Oh and that hash brown. . . the best ever.  Seriously it was so good and I was jealous when I saw it on other people's plates.  I was so happy when they offered us all a sample!  If you go there make sure you order some.

It was such a nice event.  I unfortunately didn't get to talk to a lot of the other bloggers due to where I was sitting.  I did enjoy talking with Anna, the Marketing Manager, at the hotel.  She was very nice and was the one who organized the event with Blog and Tweet Boston.

I will definitely go back to Bar 10 for brunch and I would love to go to the bar in the evening b/c I hear they have great cocktails at night too!  I love finding new places in the city so I'm glad to add this place to my list!

Have you been to Bar 10?

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  1. I totally need to try Bar 10 now! That hash brown looks so good!

  2. Was drooling over these on IG...looks fun!

  3. Omg this all looks so amazing... I'm with you-- I would've gotten the waffles too! :)

  4. All that food looks delicious! Yum!! Glad you had a great time!

  5. All your blogs lately have alcohol in them. Remind me if I ever give up drinking again for lent to stay off your blogs too....because they make me want a drink! LOL
    Honestly, I didn't know they made cucumber vodka but now I want that drink. Oh, the food looks really good too...I swear I am not an alcoholic, it just sounds like it! :)

  6. Yummm! What a fun opportunity, too. Cucumber vodka is SO good!!

  7. Reading this post makes me want those waffles again. Such a fun, delicious brunch!

  8. that brunch looks amazing! Love those mini waffles :)

    have a lovely weekend! xoxo, Amy