Monday, April 15, 2013


breaking news
road closures
bomb sniffing dogs
subway closed
helicopters overhead
people crying



Why does this person or these people hate us so much?

The Boston Marathon is such a special event.  Hundreds of thousands of "regular" people train all winter long to accomplish something that is often a bucket list item.  The runners raise millions of dollars for charity.  They fulfill a dream.  

And just like that everything changes.


I don't understand.  This is when I struggle with my faith.  It's just not fair.

Boston is an AMAZING city.  The outpouring of prayer and support I've seen/heard already is awesome.  I've had countless people reach out to me via text, FB, twitter, email, etc.  I literally had text messages from my mom, Rachel and Georgina before I even knew what was going on.  Thank you to everyone who checked to make sure I was ok.  I appreciate you all thinking of me and praying for the people of Boston.

To think that this morning I was bitter about being at work and complaining that I didn't get the holiday off.  I love the marathon.  I love going to cheer on all the runners.  For now I'm glad that I was at work.  

I left work at 4 PM (my regular time) and drove my regular route home which takes me on Storrow Drive.  It was weird.  Scary even.  There were helicopters overhead.  Traffic.  People and runners walking and crying.  All the ramps exiting off Storrow toward the Back Bay/Copley area were closed by police.  

I live just 4 miles from the finish line.  So thankful for my safe arrival home.  So thankful for the police who worked hard to make people safe.  So thankful to the volunteers and medical people who helped the injured.  To think I was in a hospital (for work) and left there to come home to Boston.  I considered staying there!?

I had dinner plans for this evening.  My friend and I were going out to celebrate our birthdays and her new position at work.  I was looking forward to seeing her.  We rescheduled.  Somehow neither of us felt like celebrating.  Shortly after the Boston Police requested the people stay home.  

Right now I choose to focus on good.  
There is more good than evil.  
Hard to remember that right now but it is important.

Praying for all of the injured people and their families.

P.S. As I sat in traffic on Storrow Drive and watched Boston Marathon runners walk by I couldn't help the tears that formed in my eyes.  And then just like that a smile. . . as I looked at a small group of friends walking along the river and one of the girls was carrying her Basset Hound.  Yup.  Her big floppy basset.  I guess he was too tired too walk.  Not surprising if you know anything about Basset Hounds.  I had one and she was the best.  Thankful for that moment.  Only wish I could have taken a picture so you could see the cute/funny the scene was. 


  1. So scary, and surreal. And frustrating. The marathon is such a great event. It doesn't symbolize anything political or controversial. In fact, being one of the world's elite races there are people from all over the world there for it. It represents something good- something unifying for both the runners and spectators. I can only imagine how terrifying this was. People are so tightly packed along the sidewalks along Boylston... So scary.

  2. I'm so glad to read that you are okay. Are there really words anymore for the senselessness of these attacks? I know I'm biased from being a Massachusetts native, but really, they've hit our countries most sacred ground this time. Enough already! I'll be thinking of you as the city tries to get back in order over the next few days :)

  3. I'm glad you're okay!! This is all so scary, I can't imagine what it must be like to actually be in the city of Boston right now going through it. You will definitely be in my thoughts. Glad you could find a smile amidst all the chaos and tears.

  4. Light always conquers darkness. I know it's hard to remember in times like this. I'm glad you're okay. I was thinking of you today. We finally heard from my boss who ran the marathon at about 6.

  5. I don't know what to say. I'm so glad you're okay and you and your city are in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. It's so important that we stay positive and look for those bright moments. It's what will get us and others around us through this. Of course I reached right out to you, you're my girl! Love you Jodi, see you soon xo

  7. The thing that carries my faith during tragedy's like this is knowing that God is good and He is just. Whoever harmed these people and this city will be brought to justice. If he/she gets away with it in this lifetime, they definitely won't have the same outcome in the next life. And God will send comfort and love to all those affected!
    I am SO glad you are safe and your home is unharmed!