Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Travel Tuesday: America's Ballparks

It is amazing how long it takes to write a blog post when you have about five million interruptions!  So I'm finally finishing up this post many, many hours after starting it.  I hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane in baseball land.  I'm linking up with Helene for Travel Tuesdays.

Fenway Park, Boston, MA

I LOVE baseball and there is no better place to be a baseball fan than in Boston.  The Red Sox aren't always the best team but we love them anyways.  Fenway Park is the greatest and you haven't experienced baseball until you've seen a game there!

   U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago, IL

I blogged about my trip to Chicago last year.  I love this city.  I was so glad my college friend, Mark, was a good sport and literally took me to every tourist attraction in town while I was there.  Of course the highlights of my trip were seeing two ballparks!  The two can't even be compared b/c they are SO different.  It was great seeing the Red Sox play at Cellular Field even though it was FREEZING!

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

We didn't see a game but we had a great tour!  Wrigley Field is almost as cool as Fenway Park (but not quite).  It was interesting to hear all the facts and history about the park.  If you are ever in Chicago I recommend the tour!

In 2009 I had the opportunity to visit Cooperstown (aka "Baseballville").  It is a great town and of course the most popular thing to do is visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.  Baseball fans will love all the history, facts and memorabilia here!

Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

In 2009 I visited my great friend from college, Marisa.  Marisa was living in Philly at that time (she has since moved to the 'burbs) and we went to the ballpark to see "our" teams play each other.  It was so fun!  It is such a nice park!  (Her husband Ray is the biggest Phillies fan I know)!!!!!

Turner Field, Atlanta, GA

In 2009 I also visited Turner Field.  College friends, Amber and Joanna, live in Atlanta and we went to a game together (Joanna is a Yankees fan since she is originally from NJ but I still like her despite it)!  It was very hot but we had fun anyways especially since the Red Sox won!

Fort Lauderdale Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FL
2009 was a busy "baseball" vacation year for me.  Seems like every time I went away a baseball game was included in the trip!  Spring Training is something I had wanted to experience for years.  Ideally I would love to see the Red Sox on their home field in Fort Meyers but until then at least I got to see them while they were "away" in Fort Lauderdale playing the Baltimore Orioles (who no longer use this stadium for spring training).  It was really fun even though there weren't a lot of the main players there.

Tropicana Field, Tampa, FL
In 2008 I went to Tampa to visit my grad school friend, Meghan.  She had just had a new baby who I had to meet and it was great that I could combined my visit with a Red Sox game at Tropicana Field.  My first and only indoor baseball experience.  Good thing this field is indoors b/c there was a huge thunder storm toward the end!  It was strange to be inside watching baseball though.

Coors Field, Denver, CO

I told you about my trip to Colorado in 2006 a couple of weeks ago.  We went to a baseball game (not the Red Sox since they don't play the Rockies).  It was a fun experience and a really nice ballpark!

Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

I feel like this was about 100 years ago.  Actually it was 2000 while I was living in SoCal.  Kendall came to visit me and we did so much sightseeing while she was in town.  We went to Dodgers Opening Day and it was such a fun experience.  I actually went to another game when my parents came to visit too so I've been twice!  (Sorry for the pictures of the pictures but this was pre-digital camera).

So there you have it!  My tour across the USA via ballparks.  Which one should I go to next?

How many ballparks have you been to?  Which is your favorite?

Helene in Between


  1. This looks like so much fun - my boyfriend would love to do this!

  2. So fun! We've only been to Atlanta and Rangers Field in Arlington, I'm sure Allen would love to see more!

  3. how fun that you've gone to so many different fields!! i'm not a baseball fan but I have gone to a few games and had so much fun!!

  4. Hi Jodi! Just hopping around today and wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a Stella and Dot jewelry giveaway on Friday! It's my first one but wanted to give you the heads up. Hope you'll stop by then!

  5. Awesome! I'd love to go to Wrigley Field. And maybe Yankee Stadium. Otherwise, I don't have a burning desire for a ballpark tour. I've been to Fenway and of course to Citizen's Bank Park. Camden Yards too.

  6. OMG seriously need to get you to Dallas during a Rangers game this season so you can visit Rachel and go to a game at Rangers Ballpark. No really....It is amazing. I know you and Rach are doing Fenway this year so maybe it will have to wait. ;) I love Wrigley, I grew up a Cubs fan before moving to Texas and I dream of going to a game at Fenway some day...not Yankee Stadium though. YUCK!
    (Don't tell Katie...haha!)
    It is always nice to meet other girl baseball fans. We are a awesome group!

  7. Wow you've been to a LOT of baseball parks Jodi! I need to catch up with you :)
    I love Fenway and can't wait to go to another game!

  8. I loveeee ball parks! there are many many i would still like to see! thanks so much for linking up! (thought you would like to know my name is Helene, with an e at the end ;)

  9. Wow! This is awesome! I've only been to three: Yankees (the old one), Petco in San Diego, and Seattle (well, two here if you count the old Kingdome). I would love to see more. Wrigley and Fenway are on my list!