Monday, April 29, 2013

MuckFest MS 2013

This weekend in Boston the weather was GORGEOUS!  It is about time!!!!  So happy I already had planned to spend Saturday outside at the MuckFest MS.  Not sure what the heck MuckFest is?  It is a 5 mile run with multiple obstacles and participants get very "mucky" all while support MS!

The "before" photos!

The Bean Team had 10 members (well 11 if you count me as the team photographer and cheerleader).  My cousin Katelyn (bottom left photo) was captain and did a great job at recruiting her friends/coworkers.  Doug, who ran the marathon with Katelyn 2 years ago (on the MS team) also came!

My friend Jaime (top right photo) who lives on the Cape drove almost 2 hours to be there (the event was in Devons, MA).

 This event had some great signs and slogans.  You can have a lot of fun with the word "muck."  Ha!

 While The Bean Team was running I did some shopping!  I got a "Boston Strong" shirt.  
The money went to the OneFund which is great.  By the way as of today the OneFund has raised over 27 million!  AMAZING!

 The starting line for the 10:00 AM wave!  

 I walked around to several of the obstacles to take photos.  My team members are not in any of these photos but at least you can get an idea at some of the challenges they faced during their run!

 I was able to capture my team at the last few obstacles.  Katelyn is in the yellow top (smart girl for wearing a stand out color b/c that is how I found her)!  This water pit was deeper than it looks and cold according to the screams I heard!

 This climbing structure was really tall but they all got up and over it very quickly.  Pretty impressive since they had run almost 5 miles at this point.

 The 2nd to last obstacle. . . another swim!  Katelyn looked more than happy about it!  Again this water was deep - a good 6 feet.

 And just to make sure they were good and mucky before they finish the last obstacle had them crawl through a tube which was tiny and would require you to practically lay in the mud!  Such good sports!!

 The "after" photos.

Wet and mucky for sure!  The Bean Team rocked it and finished in just over an hour!

 Thankfully it was a warm day or else these cold showers would have been painful.  At least you could "scrub your muck" off!  Oh and don't worry the guys made plenty of jokes about showering with the ladies!

Once everyone changed into clean clothes we got to celebrate and relax with some food and beers!  They had a band playing and everyone was just enjoying the warm sunny day.  

It was a great day!  All of my team members said they had a ton of fun.  I'm so glad to hear it.  I had a lot of fun watching them.  I also ran into many friends throughout the day which was great.

Even though I didn't participate it seemed to me like this event was very well organized.  Parking was easy, check in lines were short, areas were well marked w/ signs, etc.  

So if the MuckFest MS is coming to a city near you I suggest you check it out!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday Jodi!! So glad you had a great time with your lovely team :)

  2. I love it! This looks brutal but so much fun!

  3. Omg, they are like super heros! That is awesome and looks so fun! Yay, Bean Team!!!

  4. That sounds like a great day for a great cause!

  5. What a blast! I did a mud run last summer in San Antonio and had a great time. It was pretty hot though! Loved all the pictures you were able to snap!

  6. I love that you have such a wonderful team of friends and family members (near AND far) that are always so supportive and fun! I'll see you Friday night and get ready for our 5 miler! xo

  7. That looks really intense, but fun! Good for them. And I love the shirt, awesome that they were selling them.

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great week :)

  8. Looks like fun! I would be a photographer/cheerleader too :)

  9. The rope climb had me terrified at the 5k foam fest...and that one in your pictures looks like a monster compared to the one I had to climb..I might have had to skip that

  10. I love the name MuckFest! So funny. Looks like the team (and you) had a great time.

  11. Such a fun event!! I'm not sure I would've survived all the mud, though, I'm too prissy! :)