Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Don't you agree?

I think with all of the sadness that has filled the past few days it is time for some laughter.  It is ok to laugh.  

It doesn't mean we have "forgotten" what happen on Monday.  It doesn't mean we don't care.  There is room for both - we can still hold the victims close to our hearts while also finding some space for laughter.


This is worth watching.  It made me smile.  I've never watched this show before and I don't know much about Steven Colbert but he is right on with his "report."

For those of you who want to "do something" to help the two things I've heard the most requests for are:

Donate Money - The One Fund has been set up our Governor and Mayor and money will help the victims and their families.

Donate Blood - In a week or two!  Boston hospitals have enough blood right now but have stated that they will need more.  They recommend donating in the next couple of weeks.  You can also donate with American Red Cross.

The other two things you can do are:

Pray and Laugh!!!!

I'm planning to laugh a lot this evening while seeing the musical Book of Mormon with my aunt and cousin.  The tickets were a Christmas gift from my aunt and I'm really looking forward to seeing it.  I hear it is very funny so it is coming at a great time.

That's all for now.  





  1. Haha--that's a funny video! Have fun tonight at the show!

  2. Ah I saw the Colbert video - it did make me laugh and feel better. I also donated to the One Fund - hopefully a lot of people will donate and help the victims!

  3. I agree - prayer and laughter are very important!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the show!! :)

  5. I donated money and blood. Well, here, which doesn't do much, but it will help someone else! I also agree that laughter is important. I didn't have the heart to blog or tweet in the midst of it all, but I definitely think it's important (and not disrespectful) to take a break from all the bad news.

  6. Oh, and how did you like Book of Mormon?