Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cara Box

In April I participated in my first Cara Box exchange hosted by Wifessionals.

The theme was "Go Green."

 I sent to a box to Crissy who blogs at Live Love Dew
I received a box from Lindsey who blogs at Follow the Ruels.

How funny is it that Lindsey gave me a reusable bag and herbs and I gave those things to my swap partner too!?!  Great minds think alike!

I love the stuff Lindsey sent me.  I already used the mask and I must admit that the most fun part was peeling it off.  It was just like when you would put glue on your hand and wait for it to dry so you could peel it off (or wait I'm the only one who use to do that!?)

The reusable bag is too cute and so much more fun then the black ones I have.
I can always use another container for bringing lunch to work.
And the herb garden. . . I may just need to get a green thumb and try to grow something! Ha!

It was so much fun participating this month.  I loved chatting w/ both ladies over email and reading their blogs.  

Have you participated in Cara Box yet?  May's theme is Let's Get Regional which I could have a lot of fun with!!!!  Head over to Wifessionals to sign up!


  1. What fun gifts! I did this exchange too :)

  2. LOL, I used to go through bottles and bottles of Elmer's, pouring glue on my hands, letting it dry and peeling it off. Drove my moither effing crazy! So no, you're def not the only one! Looks like you got some good stuff!!!!