Monday, April 8, 2013

Boston MS Walk 2013

This weekend was the Boston MS Walk.  This is the 5th year that my team, The Bean Team, has participated.

My entire family (except for my cousin Chad who is at the Final Four) participated in the walk.  I also had many friends there who have participated since the beginning!  We have raised over $4,800 which is pretty amazing since several of us focus our fundraising on other MS events!

The walk had a new earlier start time this year.  We started at 9:30 AM and it was sunny but very chilly.  The wind was blowing hard especially on our walk back.  The walk also had a new route this year due to construction on one of the bridges on the Charles River (we didn't like this new route) and hope the construction will be done by next year!

I'm so thankful to my family and especially my parents who are always so supportive.  My journey with MS would not be quite as easy without my family.

I'm also thankful to my friends.  These girls are the best!  I'm so glad they could be there to walk with me.  I'm also so thankful to my friends all over the US who support me from afar.

My nieces are so adorable!  Not sure why Peyton looks so miserable in this picture (we took about 10) but she really did have a fun day!  They have been coming to the walk since they were babies!!

So it is hard to tell from these pictures but this is too cute not to share - my friend Noelle brought her dog, Martini.  He was a little scared of the large crowd and noise so he jumped in the bottom of the baby carriage!  Of course all 4 of the kids loved him so they were all crowded around petting him.  It was too cute!

Also Noelle's son, Ferris, was the newest addition to The Bean Team this year!  He is just 11 weeks old and his hair is the color for MS!! :)

After the walk we went back to my brother Allan's house for a little surprise birthday party for my brother Scott.  He turned 40 on St. Pat's Day but my parent's were in Florida.  So we had a belated celebration.  If you ever wanted to know how to get kids to like you/sit in your lap just have a cake with candles to blow out.  It is a sure thing that they will want to "help" you!  Too cute!!

It was a fun day yesterday.  I really can't believe it has been 5 years since we did our first Boston MS Walk.  I just know that all this money is going toward a cure that will happen - hopefully in my lifetime.  In the meantime I'm so happy it is funding research for new treatments like oral meds.  I'm SO tired of doing injections and look forward to switching to an oral treatment in the near future!

Now onto fundraising for the MS Challenge Walk!

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  1. I loved seeing all of these photos on Instagram and everyone walking to raise money and awareness! You deserve all of their support and I am SUPER excited to be walking the MS Challenge with you (in the fall right?) :)

  2. I like seeing all the fun yall had with the Bean Team...MS Walks are fun

  3. So awesome! Love all the support you get!

  4. How wonderful! Good for you. :-)

  5. It's awesome that your whole family does that with you. Sounds like you have a pretty incredible team!

  6. Great pictures! I love how your whole family goes walking with you! Wish I was closer, I would go too!!

  7. This is just awesome and the kids are adorable!

  8. AWESOME JOB Bean Team! You guys rock.

    Love your yellow shirts.

  9. Wow, what a crowd you had! That's awesome. Wish I could've walked with y'all!! :)

  10. What an awesome team! Good for you guys!! It looks like a lot of fun with that whole gang.