Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Need YOUR Help!

So I read a lot of blogs.  I see how creative y'all are.

I would love your help on "designing" our team shirt for the Boston MS Walk. 

I'm on a tight timeline and need to come up with something ASAP!  

This was our shirt for last year's walk.  
The Bean Team written on the front.
Irish Blessing, Boston MS Walk and year on back.

This was our shirt the year before.  
Very simple - The Bean Team on the front.
Boston MS Walk and year on back.

So what are your ideas????

Here is what the shirt has to have on it:

The Bean Team
Boston MS Walk

Some other ideas:

This is the 5th year The Bean Team is participating so incorporating something about 5 years would be cool.
I love quotes - anything motivational/inspirational that would fit!
Anything with jelly beans (we are The Bean Team after all)!

I'm still trying to decide on the color of the shirt.  Obviously green and royal blue are out since we've used them.  No "girly" colors since there are many men on my team that would not want to wear pink or purple.  And no orange b/c that is the color for MS and the color of the free shirt they give.  We want to stand out in a sea of orange people!

Colors I'm considering: yellow, red, navy blue or baby blue.

What do you think?  Are your creative juices flowing yet?  Comment away!!!

P.S. I'm heading to BlissDom today so depending on what time you are reading this I may or may not already be in Dallas!!!!  I'll be tweeting and posting pictures to instagram all weekend long so follow me!


  1. I'll see what I can think of!!! :)

  2. I love the navy blue idea with an anchor we chatted about. Can't wait to see :)