Thursday, March 28, 2013

BlissDom - Day 2 Recap

If you aren't someone who likes minute-by-minute recaps then you probably won't like my posts on BlissDom.  This is how I want to remember my first ever blogging conference.  Plus for all the non-bloggers who read my blog I want them to "get" what this is all about.

If you missed my Day 1 recap you can read it here.

Day 2 started with breakfast from Seattle's Best Coffee.  They provided a nice spread of food and of course plenty of coffee (oh and a swag bag)!  Which as you can see from the "mug shot" I was pretty tired!  Georgina on the other hand looks gorgeous!!

    The morning program started at 9.  It was in the same ballroom as breakfast so you didn't even have to move.  Which was nice considering how tired I was.

Alli Worthington, co-founder of BlissDom and social media God, opened up the program.  She is awesome.  She is just one of those people who radiates joy!  I love listening to her talk.

The opening keynote was Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing and The Book of Business Awesome (which he gave us a copy of).  I had never heard of Scott prior to BlissDom but let me tell you - he is one funny guy.  Oh and he is smart!  Marketing genius I would say!  I loved his message.  My favorite of what he said was this:

"Knowledge + Passion = Profit" 

After the opening keynote you could get in line to have him sign his book which I did.  He even took pictures with everyone.  He is a very cool guy!  I can't wait to read his book (I got 3 free books while there so I need to get reading)!

 I waited in line with Dawn, who I had met on Day 1 during the newcomers' meet-up.  It was so nice to see someone I "knew."  We chatted about blogging while in line.  Would you believe she hasn't even started her blog yet!?  This is not a conference just for "famous" bloggers or even established bloggers.  All our welcome - even ones who haven't written their first post.  I can't wait to see what Dawn has in store!

Today we had three break out workshops to go to.  You could choose out of four topics - Life Development, Photography, Writing and Business.  

BlissDom told me how to download the agenda onto my iPhone - it showed up like its own app on my home screen and I could access it to always know where I needed to be!  Very handy!

I chose the Life Development workshop which was with Jon Acuff and titled "The 3 Stages of Every Awesome Idea."  I had heard A LOT about Jon Acuff leading up to BlissDom so I was really looking forward to learning what all the hype was about.  He didn't disappoint.

Jon is a natural as a presenter.  I felt like I had been friends with him for years while listening to him talk (must be because he is from MA)!  He is very "quotable."  He has so many good one liners.  Here are a few of my favorites:
"No one came here to be ordinary."

"Most powerful resource in blogging is honesty"

"Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle."

Oh and in case you are wondering the 3 Stages are:

Imagine - Capture - Execute 

Next up I got pampered with "beachy waves" by VO5 and. . .

. . .fake eyelashes from NYX Cosmetics.
(This was my first time with fake lashes and it was so fun)!

We also got head shots done by One2One Network.  So nice of them to do.  Too bad I'm so awkward in photos by myself!  The photographer told me to do something "fun" for the final pose and I totally froze.  What the heck did she want me to do!?  Oh and the posing - I don't know how models do it!  Shoulders back, chin out, tilt your head, keep your back straight oh and don't forget to smile.  It was hard work!! Lol!

Ran into some friends too so had to snap a photos with these lovely Texans!
{Me, Amber, Meg and Whitney}

VO5 hooked me up with a lot of free stuff!  Can't wait to try it all out.  The Pier 1 suite was decorated with this awesome chair and flip flops wall hanging - both of which I want to own!  I also had some fun at the VSP booth trying on new glasses.  All the vendors were so generous with giving us swag and just being so friendly and interested in what we blog about.

  I met the minion from Despicable Me 2!!!! 

Oh and by the way at some point mid-day we went to lunch.  It was provided by Blissful Media Group.  It was the only meal we got that wasn't all that great - just a sandwich, apple and cookie.  I need chips to  make my lunch complete!

For Workshop #2 I stuck with Life Development and attended Lisa Leonard's workshop titled "Telling Your Story: Authentically And Without Apology."  I had also heard a lot about Lisa and was really anxious to hear her speak.  The title of this workshop appealed to me because I'm always trying to figure out how to share my story with MS without over sharing or boring people!  

I really liked this workshop.  It really got me thinking about a lot of things.  I appreciated how open and honest Lisa was with us about her own story.  I really hope I can incorporate what I took away from this workshop into my future blog posts.

At the end of the workshop Lisa left time and came around to each table.  She is so sweet and so relateable.  I really love that she took the time to do this.

For the third workshop I chose the photography track.  I went to David Molnar's workshop titled "From Meh to Amazing: Lessons from a Celebrity Photographer." First of all this guy is a hottie and second of all he is so sweet - his wife and 6 old son were there and he shared so many personal stories.

He shared with us some amazing photos taken on his iPhone.  I LOVE this.  I use my iPhone all.the.time and he validated for me that just because you didn't use a fancy camera doesn't mean it isn't a great photo!  (Although I did bring my camera to BlissDom and forced myself to take photos on it all weekend)!

The theme of David's workshop was telling your story.  He asked us "If there is no pictures of an event did it really happen?"  Well of course it happen but how will you remember the details and special moments of that event if you don't have any pictures.  He emphasized the importance of taking pictures to record your story and to then share your story.  I'm very good at this part!  Ha!

At the end he told us that he is going to give us a free e-book with lots of tips and tricks for taking photos.  He evens shares his favorite iPhone apps for taking and editing pics.  I can't wait to get it!!

 The evening event was Girls' Night Out at a bar called The Glass Cactus (which we took a shuttle bus to but it was like 2 minutes across the parking lot from the hotel).  It was closed to the public so we had the whole place to ourselves!  Dinner was provided and so was an open bar - woo hoo!!

Chris Maan from The Voice and Amber Riley from Glee performed.  They were both really good.  Such amazing voices.  (Oh and Chris is a hottie)!!

The event was sponsored by ConAgra Foods and if we tweeted during the event with #childhunger they donated 5 meals to Feed America.  I think it is so awesome how big of an impact bloggers can have - that night we helped to feed a lot of children.

 We got to meet Chris and Amber after they performed.  So so nice of them to take time out of their busy schedules to come to BlissDom.  It was so fun!

 After the performances the party kept going.  We all danced and had SO much fun.  It was really great to hang out with these girls since I had been reading their blogs for a long time.

Top left: me and Heather (also from MA)
Top right: me and Ashley
Bottom left: me and Stephanie
Bottom center: me and Neely
Bottom right: Me and my BlissDom roomie Georgina

Top left: me and Jon Acuff (we let him come to Girls' Night out b/c he is such a cool guy)!
Top right: Georgina, Amber, Whitney
Bottom left: Me and Meg (her husband grew up in the town next to the town where I grew up - small world)
Bottom center: Mattie and Natalie (not bloggers - GASP! They were for a local PR firm that works with bloggers)
Bottom right: Jennifer (I was so happy I got to hang out with her.  We had met the day before after a workshop and I had been following her blog for a while.  She is so sweet)!

This awesome 80s band The Spazmatics played once the bar opened to the public.  They were so much fun!  Of course I was waiting all night for them to play my favorite song ever - Jessie's Girl.  They finally did and it was great.

 Getting off the hotel elevator I ran into these two ladies, Mama Laughlin and Busy Becka of Kiki La'Rue,  I was not familiar with either of their blogs so it was nice to meet them!   

We were back to the hotel and in bed by midnight.  Exhausted.  Sore from dancing in heels.  But such a fun night out with some great ladies!!!

So was that long enough for you?  I'm guessing maybe only a few of you made it this far.  Guess what?  There is still one more day of great stuff to tell you about.  So come back tomorrow!!!!

P.S. Today is my birthday and I'm celebrating by getting a massage after work.  I can't wait!!!

P.P.S.  Feel free to use any of my pictures but please give credit back to me or my blog.  Thanks.




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