Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BlissDom - Day 1 Recap

How do you sum up BlissDom in a blog post?  You don't.  This is why I'll be breaking it up into parts.  I always have a hard time blogging about things that encompass a lot of pictures and information.  I want to share everything with you guys so that you really get a sense of what it was like to be there.  So I've decided to do my recap in chronological order.

Last Thursday I too a very early flight out of Logan and landed in Dallas around 11 AM.  Georgina did the same but on a different airline (we both had vouchers we wanted to use).  Fortunately she landed at the same time.  We met up and took a cab to our hotel, the Gaylord Texan.

This place is amazing!  From the moment we walked through the doors we had many staff members greeting us and offering us assistance.  We quickly checked in and went up to our room to freshen up.  We were both starving so we new we need to find some food and fast!

Registration for the conference started at 12.  We decided to go register first then head to lunch.  It was a good plan b/c we didn't have to wait in a long line.  We even met a few of our favorite bloggers in line but more on that later.

We were given our swag bag which was filled with fun gifts and this was only the beginning of it!

Next up: lunch.  The Gaylord has 4 restaurants on site.  We chose to eat at Texas Station which is a sports bar with huge tv screens covering an entire wall.  We chose to sit "outside" on the patio (which is still inside but you feel like you are outside)!  The food was ok.  The sweet tea was amazing (especially since I hadn't had anything but water for 3 weeks).

After lunch we took a quick break in our room.  We were both feeling pretty tired from our early wake up calls!  We knew we wanted time to shop at the Handmade Marketplace before the 4:30 Newcomers event so we decided to hit up a coffee shop. . . caffeine was needed.

We get over to the conference and I see this sign.  I ask Georgina to take my picture.  I reach into my bag to find my camera (I set a goal to use my camera during the conference and not just my iPhone) and while doing so I spilled some ice coffee on my shirt.  

Georgina: (in the most calm voice ever) "Don't get upset but you spilled a little bit of coffee on your sweater.

I look down at my sweater and there is a rather large area covered with coffee splatters.  I (kinda) freak out.  I mean I'm about to meet hundreds of bloggers that I admire and this happens!?

We run to the bathroom and I blot it with a ton of water.  Fortunately when it dried you couldn't even see the coffee.  Thank God!  I really didn't want to have to go all the back to my room to change.  

Anyways enough about that.  

I was so excited to check out the Handmade Marketplace.  I had heard great things about it and even heard it referred to as "Etsy Live."  Who wouldn't love that!?

This was my favorite!  I fell in love with these bracelets.  I could hardly decide which one to choose b/c there were so many awesome expressions and so many different colors of silk.  I kept going back to "expect miracles" so I chose that one.  I LOVE it!

It was $45 for the bronze and $62 for the silver which honestly I thought was a bit high but I loved it and really liked Chelsea who makes the bracelets with her mother.  She was so sweet and loved my idea for an "adopt" bracelet with a heart!

If you are looking for a unique bracelet I would recommend checking these out.  I think they would also make an awesome gift!

Not only are these bags adorable but the proceeds help needy families in the USA and abroad!  The bags are made by first generation immigrants in Detroit.  Rebecca (pictured above) provides the women with sewing machines, fabric and other supplies so they can make money for their families.  Awesome right!?  I don't know about you but I love buying something that supports a great cause.  I didn't buy anything that day but I do plan to shop online and place a custom order! 

Of course I was familiar with Lindsay's bags and accessories.  I have a think for little zippered pouches.  Not sure why but I love them.  I had one in my hand for a while and was totally going to buy it but then I put it back.  Good self control!  But it was really hard b/c the stuff is just so cute.  You can find iPad holders, checkbook holders, purses, pouches, and so much more.  All the fabric choices are awesome!

Ashley from The Shine Project was there too.  I love her blog and her message.  Here is what she says on her blog:

This is what The Shine Project is all about:
Going out of your comfort zone
to bring light to those who need hope.
The Shine Project emulates love, sacrifice, and

By wearing THREADS you are wearing change.  I love that.  So of course I had to buy a bracelet (pictured above, bottom right photo - bracelet with the 5 gold beads).  Again it is helping someone who needs it.  The bracelets are made by at risk teens and by having a job/income many are able to go to college!  The bracelet I bought was only $14 which I think is a great deal.  There were also many other types/styles of bracelets and many bloggers bought one!

This is just a sample of the shops that were at the Handmade Marketplace.  I heard some bloggers comment on it being "too small" but to me it was just right.  If there had been any more shops there I just would have been tempted to buy even more!  The fact that I got out of there for under 100 bucks is pretty amazing! Ha!

I loved the Handmade Marketplace.  I think it adds just a personal touch to the conference.  It is really nice to meet the face behind the shop and to connect with the people who you are buying from.  

The Handmade Marketplace was open all day Thursday and Friday so bloggers had plenty of time to shop!!

Next up was the Newcomers' Meet-Up which was (obviously) for all of the first timers!

It was a lot of fun b/c you knew everyone you were meeting was likely just as nervous as you were.  We had to move around the room talking to new people in groups of 3.  The facilitator gave us questions to answer but honestly most of the time we just talked!  We also exchanged business cards so we could remember who we had met.  

We had a break for dinner.  My blog friend turned in real life friend, Rachel and Monica came to the hotel to have dinner with me.  I had not seen them since Katie's wedding so it was so good to see them again.  We ate at the Riverwalk Cantina and it was so good!  I love Mexican food and I love sangria even more so I was happy.  We had a nice dinner and caught up on life.

Georgina came with us too and happen to notice Vincent Irizarry walk by and wanted to get a picture with him for her mom.  He was seated at a table alone and did not have food yet (we may not have bothered him if he did).  He asked if we were part of the conference and when we told him yes he seemed a bit annoyed.  He told us he was going to do a meet and greet for us later. . . which we knew but come on dude can't you take 1 minute out of your life to take a picture with a fan?!  I would think that he would have been flattered that a young and beautiful girl wants a picture with him!  (P.S. Dear Vincent, Since you weren't the friendliest to my friend I'm not going to share the picture of the two of you on my blog.)

 The night time event started out with a vendor "open house" if you will.  It was a chance for us to walk around and check out all of the AH-MAZING vendors (and get free stuff)!  It was fun.  There was food and drinks too!

We stopped by the California Raisins booth to get a caricature done.  Can't say that I love mine but it was all in good fun!

We walked around and checked out most of the vendors.  We had some fun taking photos with Shot At Life and Go Go Squeeze.  If you know we you know I never pass up a fun photo opp!

  The "After Hours" event showed a special screening of All My Children (since it is coming back on cable and online).  Three of the actors from the show then did a Q&A.  I'm really appreciative of them taking time out of their lives to come to BlissDom.  I'm just not into soap operas so it didn't really interest me.  But what did interest me were those chocolate covered strawberries.  Yes please!  Oh and the free champagne was nice too!  All and all a fun night.

AND THEN. . . it was finally over.  Well Day 1 that is.  

Wow are you as tired as I am.  Just writing this recap was exhausting!  Now you can see how much was packed into a day and why we didn't get much sleep.

I hope you made it to the end of this post.  I know it is a long one but I wanted to have all the details in my blog so I can remember b/c afterall that is the reason I started my blog!

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of BlissDom!!!

Oh and tomorrow is a special day. . . MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

{Please excuse any typos.  I didn't proof read.  Too tired after writing this very long post!!!}




  1. Sounds like a blast! I would've spent way too much money in that marketplace! Lol. And I think your caricature is cute! :)

  2. WOW - sounds like you had a ton of fun - just on day 1! Spilling coffee on your shirt is a classic 'Abby move' - I totally sympathize with you lol! Love those bracelets!! Great re-cap - can't wait to hear about day 2 :)

    Oh and Happy Birthday!!

    x Abby

  3. Birthday eve, birthday eve!

    Love your new bracelets.

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  5. seems like a great event! lovely bracelets! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  6. Sounds like a great time!! Love reading all the recaps!

  7. Wow, sounds like an amazing day!

  8. Haha! Thank you so much for this! I love this and Rachel forgot to mention that Vincent was a little "short". Anyway, I wasn't sure I wanted to go to this but you make it sound so fun! Now of we can just convince Rachel and Katie to go too! ;-)

  9. Sounds like it was a good first day. That is annoying that the guy was rude. I hate people like that. And I love the bracelet you bought! Very cute!

  10. Oh wow, our birthdays are close! Happy Birthday tomorrow! And it was great to meet you and I just love all of your photos. Looks like you enjoyed Blissdom to the fullest! :)

  11. how fun!!! i would love to go to that someday!!

  12. OMG this was TOO funny (especially the part about you not posting the photo of Vincent hahaha!) You are SUCH a loyal friend I love you xo

    Can't wait for part II and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I'm exhausted just reading the recap!! I'm so glad you had fun!! It sounds like it was a blast!! :)

  14. I'm glad you were able to exchange cards at the Newcomer's Meet-up :) and talking... is a good thing!

  15. Man, you and Georgina did everything! I had a crazy headache the first day (I think it was a sinus migraine or something of the like) so I ended up missing the Newcomers Meetup - which I am so sad I did but luckily I kicked the headache for the kickoff party. I can't wait to read the next recap ;)