Friday, February 15, 2013

Why I Will Never Go On A Cruise

They lose power. . .
Unless you live in a bubble I'm sure you've heard about that latest cruise ship mishap.  The Carnival Triumph lost power and passengers were stranded at sea for 5 days.  Not only did they not have power but they had no working toilets and very little food.  So basically they were on a dark, smelly, hot boat w/ no food or alcohol.  Sounds like a wonderful time to me.  (It actually sounds worse than camping! Ugh!)

The norovirus spreads like wild fire. . .
Being sea sick is bad enough but having the norovirus while on a cruise ship would be the worst!  I've had the norovirus and it is not fun.  There are literally hundreds of passengers on some cruises that get it and all I know is I wouldn't want to be eating at those buffets.  Imagine the germs.  Gross!

They crash. . .
Remember the Concordia that crashed in Italy last year?  Thirty-two people died b/c of that!  I can't even imagine the horror that the passengers experienced.  What a nightmare!  The worst part of this whole thing is that it likely could have been avoided - investigation still in process but captain error is likely.  Oh and did you know that ship is still stuck there in the ocean.

People go overboard. . .
People fall off cruise ships.  Yup!  Don't believe me - just google it.  I really don't think this little orange float is going to help you either. . .  b/c they probably won't be able to find you floating in the middle of the ocean hundreds of miles from land!  Drowning is not the way I want to go.  Oh and I don't want to be eaten by sharks either! 

Pirates attack cruise ships. . .
We all love the movies but in real life there actually are real pirates that hijack cruise ships!  Scary stuff and not my idea of a vacation.  I do realize that this is more likely to happen in other parts of the world so I might actually be safe from this one if I stick with the Caribbean!  Ha!

I could probably come up with a few other reasons but I think you get the idea.  Next vacation I plan will definitely not be a cruise.  I'm thinking a nice all inclusive resort is the way to go!

(This post is not meant to offend anyone who likes cruises.)

So tell me, have you been on a cruise before?  Did you love it or hate it?

Would you go on a cruise in the future?





  1. I have been on a cruise. Actually I have been on quite a few of them. The last one was about 7 1/2 yrs ago. The first one I went on was when I was a senior in high school. I went with my family and my cousins and aunt. (My Uncle--my father's brother had just passed away and my aunt did not want to be at home for Christmas. So my parents and my six younger siblings and my aunt and my four cousins and I went on a cruise). It was great fun. It was also a few years ago. I went on a cruise the following year too with the same people. Then my sister and I went on a cruise out of LA down to Mexico 19 yrs ago for her spring break. My husband and I went on one for our honeymoon.
    I have also been on one to go to Europe. (It might sound extravagant but due to a health issue I can not fly. I have DVT and the pressurization and the not being able to move in a plane I have been told not to fly--hence I must find other means of transportation and so I take a train to the ship and to get to Europe I must take a boat).

  2. I've been on two Disney cruises and loved them. Service, amenities, staff, ship, food, all exceptional.

    I would never set foot on a carnival cruise, this recent debacle is like the 10th thing that's made me say that.

  3. Yeah, the Triumph fire aftermath sounds like hell on earth. But I went on a Carnival cruise a few years ago and LOVED it. There's 24 hour food, they take you to cool places while you sit by the pool, and there's always stuff to do, and the service was phenomenal. I'll definitely go on another one-- even with Carnival. But to each her own. :)

  4. I was always pretty sure I wouldn't like it and now I know I'll never step foot on a cruise ship. I know lots of people love them but I am a dry land kind of girl!

  5. A thousand percent AGREE! I've always wanted to go on one but now I'm thinking not so least not with Carnival, that's for sure.

  6. The thought of going on a cruise has never appealed to me. I'm not really the sit around and float while being waited on hand and foot type. Plus I cannot tolerate the sun or hot days. I wouldn't mind taking the Alaska cruise for whalewatching though.

  7. Yes we went on one cruise...I did not care for it. It costs so much money too so I would rather stay on land. No desire to go on another cruise from me

  8. Jodi, I like your blog and you but this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard! A relatively very, very few bad things have happened on cruise ships and you're boycotting them for life? It may have sucked to be stranded for 5 days or potentially come into contact with a deadly virus but almost everyone survived. Most plane and car tramas end in death. Based on your logic, I feel you should never leave the house again. That's silly.

    I've been on two family cruises and didn't really like it. I'm not pressuring your to jump on the next cruise that comes your way. I just hope you're not cutting experiences from your life based on overblown media stories. Life should be good.

  9. I completely agree! Trapped at sea? Yikes!

    With Love From, B
    ♥ ♥

  10. I have never been on a cruise, never WANTED to go on one nor will I ever lol

  11. Cruises have never sounded like much fun to me. I would much rather be on land and have the power to decide where I am going. And all of the reasons that you have listed above, make me not want to go on one even more now.

  12. I love cruises. I've been on 5 and they are my favorite way to take a vacation. I will never step foot on a Carnival ship though. Not even if it was free! I only sail on Celebrity ships. They are the best cruise line out there, in my opinion.


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  13. I have never been on a cruise and I have absolutely NO DESIRE to go on one. UGH. Being stuck on the same ship with the same "tourists" for several days, and not getting to make your own decisions about where to go and what to do? No way! Plus, they're a huge environmental hazard. NO THANKS! :)

  14. LOL! I have never been on a cruise and I don't really want to. They are too expensive. I prefer all-inclusive vacations if I'm going to be by the water :)

  15. Never been on one and probably also never will. ;) I'd rather fly somewhere ore drive somewhere fun and enjoy my time away from home...and to me, it's just too much being on water even though I love water. ;)

  16. I've been on two cruises and had a lot of fun! I'd love to do a river cruise in Europe or a Disney cruise with my kids. I would never go on one across the ocean. I want to be able to see land at all times! And I got bored on the one day when we didn't stop at a port. Also, I'd never go on Carnival. They are the cheapest and crappiest cruise line. They have the worst passengers too, because of the cheap prices, anyone and everyone goes. Incidents like this happen in all aspects of the travel industry. Everything has a risk. But yeah, it does suck for all those people on the ship.

  17. There are more than 50 on board activities daily and in some ships many more so no matter how much (or how Little) you want to pack into your vacation we've got just what you're after!