Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another fabulous weekend in the books.  Oh and it was the last weekend of February so you know what that means right. . . March is almost here which means spring is almost here!  Woo hoo!

I started out the weekend by celebrating Georgina's birthday on Friday night.  She invited her friends to Abby Lane for drinks.  We had a great time!

Saturday was Ella's 4th birthday party. . . finally!  The snow couldn't keep us away this time (but unfortunately it kept some of the out of state family away).  Ella had a blast at her "princess, Hello Kitty, ballerina, cupcake" birthday party.  Oh to be 4!

She  had a HUGE smile on her face all day and everything was exciting. . . presents, cupcakes, ice cream, nail polish, party hats, princess dresses, Hello Kitty shoes. . .  I would say she had a good time.

On Sunday it snowed AGAIN!  But that didn't stop me.  I made my way downtown for a fun night out.

The a capella group, Pentatonix was at House of Blues.  It was a great concert.  I loved them when they were on The Sing Off and it was fun to see them perform both the favorites from the show and some new originals.  The finale was awesome - SO much talent in these 5.  If you have a chance to see them go for it!

I made it home in time to see the last hour (since it went way over) of the Oscars.  So happy for Jennifer Lawrenece - I loved Silver Linings Playbook and I love her.  Also happy for Argo - great movie and love Ben.  He is so talented!  Oh and his wife, Jennifer Gardner, looked so beautiful.  Loved her dress.

The rest of the show is on my DVR and I'll watch tonight or tomorrow. . . I hear there are a few good parts I should see.  

How was your weekend?


  1. Jodi I had SO much fun Friday night - thank you for coming and making the night incredibly special :)
    See you tonight xo

  2. , you are such a cutie ,

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  3. I smiled at the thought of 'to be 4 again'...I see everyone looked like they had fun at the party even if snow hindered some. I enjoyed this weekend with my daughter, she is so fun

  4. So inspiring,honey!Absolutely love it;-)

  5. Before I had my daughter I was all like "I will never be the mom who does princess this and princess that" because like, I didn't grow up that way. But my perspective has changed so much in the past two years of being a mom, I can't wait to have a silly girly party like this! So cute!

    Also, you in the pink hat & scarf - bowchickabowwow! looking good girl!

  6. You sure did have a great weekend! Happy birthday to these pretty ladies :)

    Sorry I'm so late on commenting. Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip!!

  7. Every little girl should have a princess, Hello Kitty, ballerina, cupcake party! ;) I know you hate it, but the snow is just so darn pretty!

  8. Fun weekend! That snow picture is so pretty! I wanted to see Pentatonix when they were in Seattle, but had other plans that night. I don't think they're coming back any time soon. Boo!