Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Day Weekends Rock!

Happy Tuesday!

I'm back to work today after enjoying three days away.  I love long weekends.  I mean, who doesn't?

On Friday night I caught up w/ my of my former adoptive couples.  It was so nice to see them after {almost} three years.  I was their social worker for their first adoption and they recently adopted again so I got to meet baby #2.  It was so good to see them.  Both kids are beautiful!

Saturday morning I was up and out early.  I had a date planned with two special little ladies.  While Peyton and Ella's parents were away in Mexico for a wedding the littles were hanging w/ the grandparents.  I gave my parents a little break and watched the girls.  We had so much fun!

We had a play date w/ my friend and her son.  They hadn't seen each other since the summer but they wasted no time get reacquainted!

We did arts-and-crafts which included several "Welcome Home" pictures for their parents.  
{Yes Ella is stretching out the birthday celebrating for the entire month!}

After playing we all went out to lunch at Five Guys!  The french fries there are the best.  Oh and have you ever tried the grilled cheese?  SO good!  After lunch we went home and the girls really wanted to play outside in the snow.  So I got them all dressed in their gear and out we went. . .

They had a blast running through the snow, rolling in it and making snow angels!

Then it was time to make a snowman!  The snow was nice and sticky so making the balls was pretty easy.

They were very pleased with their little frozen friend!

We were sitting on the fire pit taking some pictures and Neely decided she wanted in on the action.  She jumped up and joined us.  Too funny!  

We had a great time playing in the snow but after an hour I was ready to go in.  I had to drag the girls in!

Sunday morning I was up and out of the house early again.  I had to work for a few hours supervising a visit.  It was snowing but fortunately I didn't have to go far and the roads weren't too bad.

 Sunday night I had a dinner and a movie date w/ my friend Missy!
The movie was really good.  It made me realize that we have very smart people working for us (CIA) and very brave people protecting up (military).  Of course I already knew this but seeing this movie made me think about it a lot.  It was so interesting to see what was going on behind the scenes from 9/11 until Bin Laden was killed.  I definitely recommend seeing it.

Monday was a "no work" holiday which are the best kind!  I decided the great thing about long weekends is that you can go a lot of fun stuff during the two days you usually have and then you get an extra day to do what you usually don't have time for - rest/nap/relax!

So Monday I did nothing!  I pretty much stayed in bed watching tv all day.  I had good intentions of blogging, baking, cleaning, etc but none of it happen.  Ya know what. . . I really don't care.  Lazy days are the best!  

Ended the weekend w/ The Bachelor.  Pretty sad to see Desiree go home.  I felt so bad for her.  Her brother really is terrible.  I don't think he helped Sean's decision at all.  Ugh!  Three ladies left.  They all seem very sweet.  I don't really have a favorite (and I know who he picks according to realitysteve).


(I know it isn't Monday but since I didn't blog yesterday I'm linking up today)! 


  1. looks like those kids had a ball!

    and Zero Dark Thirty was pretty good. Jessica Chastain did an amazing job!

  2. Gah! I shouldn't read any blogs until after I catch up on my junk TV :) I figured Desiree was going home this week though after last week's preview coupled with a rumor I read way back in the beginning that her home-date ruined it. Maybe I should save my time and just wait til next week. But then again, what else can numb my brain for an hour?? Haha, kidding :)

  3. I love a three day weekend! I never have bank holidays off, so I'm making my own three day weekend next weekend! I like to have them at least once a month. It helps me feel refreshed.

    I am the only person alive who doesn't like Five Guys.

  4. Fun! I want to have a play date with you!! It looks like a blast :)

    Thanks for linking up!! If you ever link up on Tues and don't want to use the button, you don't have to!! Your call!

    I hope you entered my giveaway. Linkups get extra entries ;)

  5. We recently saw Zero Dark Thirty and I loved it also! It's such a deep movie, and I loved that it wasn't about anything else. They didn't try to make it about anything else, like sex or relationships.

    The snow looks like it was fun! Glad you had a good weekend!

  6. I really want to see Zero Dark Thirty, I held off for obvious reasons (that you and only a select few know about) but I think it's time xo

  7. looks like so much fun! and five guys is sooooo good! you just made me hungry! : )