Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blizzard Warnings

These kind of blizzards = BAD

These kind of blizzards = GOOD

Unfortunately the blizzard watch that we are under is not the good kind.  Wouldn't it be amazing if it snowed sweet treats?!  Oh sorry where was I. . . oh yeah the snow.  Not just a little bit of snow guys.  Like 18 to 24 inches of snow.  Ugh!

The problem with these kinds of snow storms in Boston is that there is no place to put it.  So the city becomes a crazy mess.  It is not fun.

I've never liked snow.  Not even a little.  It is a mess and it ALWAYS ruins fun plans.  And it is doing just that this weekend.  Ella's birthday party has been canceled.  All my plans w/ friends have been canceled.  And my very important eyebrow was has been rescheduled.  DISLIKE!!!!!

So this weekend is one that I'm not looking forward to and that NEVER happens.  Trying to look at the right side. . . reading the rest of Gone Girl, catching up on the DVR shows, watching an On Demand movie I've been wanting to see, sleeping. . .

Why is it when you are forced to have a relaxing weekend at home it is torture but when you want one you are too busy???  


  1. what a bummer! Obviously blizzards don't exist in Houston. A blizzard to us is 1/2 an inch of snow or a layer of ice :) However, when I lived in northern Virginia there were blizzards. They're intense. As a little kid they're great, but I'm 100% sure I would hate them now! Enjoy reading Gone Girl!!! It's such a good book! Stay warm friend!

  2. This big snow is ruining my girls' weekend. My Boston BFF won't be able to get out of town. Boo!

  3. NOT excited about this!!! But I get my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow so its a good thing I will be layed up in the apt all weekend anyway. Safe safe and warm! DVR is my life!! xoxo

  4. Whoa. That's a lot of snow. Be safe!

  5. We'll have to touch base via Twitter to compare snowfall. (I'm a dork like that.) We get jipped of the big snowfall sometimes on Cape.

    Stay inside! Stay safe! And now I'm craving a DQ Blizzard....

  6. EEK! Stay safe, feel free to text me if you get bored. I can't even imagine what Texas would do if we saw that kind of snow. We would be immobilized for a week or two. My office shut down for a week once for only five inches of snow. Are you sure you don't want to relocate to Texas??


  7. Stay safe and warm!! Sorry your plans had to be canceled, but enjoy your down-time, and hopefully you will be able to get a lot done!

  8. Also, I LOVE dairy queen blizzards, too. That part made me laugh out loud. They are good.