Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blizzard, Birthday and Baby

Hello there.  

Don't worry, I didn't get stuck in a snow bank.  Just a little busy 'round these parts.

So I'm sure you know we got hit w/ a huge blizzard over the weekend. . .

some were calling it Nemo.

 We got about 2 feet of snow.  Hard to tell exactly how much b/c of the snow drifts.  It was a lot.  Too much.

Friday from 4 PM to Saturday at 4 PM no driving was allowed.  The public transportation system was also shut down.  I was home in my warm house.

I should have used the time to get a bunch of stuff done.  Unfortunately that was not to be.

I'm a snow hater.  So the blizzard put me in a funk.  I pretty much watched the weather all day long.

Exciting I know!

Boston schools are finally open tomorrow.  Trucks are busy removing the snow banks from all the street corners.  There is still a lot of snow out there.  But it is much better in the last 24 hours due to the rain cleaning things up a bit and the sun melting some of it.  Love that sun!

Anyways enough about the stupid blizzard.  Yesterday was Ella's 4th birthday.  Her party over the weekend had to be rescheduled so we haven't celebrated yet but we will soon.

I really can't believe she is 4!  I'll be seeing her this weekend!

Now here we are at Tuesday night and I'm finally finding some time to blog.  I've just been so busy at work the last 2 days.  Tonight I got to meet my friend's baby.  He is 3 weeks old now and so adorable.  It was so nice to catch up w/ her and to hold a newborn!  Love that.

Now I'm watching the dog show.  I want a dog.  Let's make it happen.  Oh yeah first I have to move to a place that allows dogs. . .

Ok I'm exhausted and rambling. 


  1. Wow, that's a ton of snow! And I love her sticker book.. I miss those. :)

  2. Gosh I can't believe all that snow and the no driving! Ugh! Glad it's on the downhill slide though!!

  3. What kind of dog would you get!? I want one too, my roommate and I have been talking about. You can come over anytime you want and play with it when we eventually do!

  4. happy 4th birthday to her! dogs are the best- we got mine a little bit older and it was great since she didn't chew up everything

  5. that is a lot of snow!!! crazy that all the roads and everything was closed! happy birthday to ella!

  6. Love your blog! That snow must have been crazy! Would you like to follow each other on Blogloving or GFC? Leave me a comment if you do & I'll follow back!



  7. Glad you survived the snow! And yes-- you should definitely get a dog. :)