Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year In Review: 2012


2012 started out with its fair share of stress but fortunately turned around quickly with a successful MS fundraiser that Jenn and I hosted at The Paint Bar.  We each needed to raise $1,500 in order to participate in the MS Challenge Walk in September.


I did my first gluten free food trial and then a couple weeks later my second and then decided gluten free wasn't for me.  Ella turned 3 years old!  Lastly, we celebrated Laney's 1st Birthday and took a family trip to the Sam Adams Brewery all in the same weekend!   Cheers!


For the first time I met a blog friend in real life when Poekitten from Many Waters came to MA to visit family.   I became obsessed with The Hunger Games and read all three books Stacy came to visit from London and we scrapbooked on the Cape, celebrated St. Patrick's Day and I bought the new iPad.  I celebrated my birthday with good friends and good wine to finish out the month.


Another busy month which started out with a very successful Boston MS Walk followed by another weekend spent with family celebrating Easter.  April continued on with two weekend trips - one to NYC with Marisa and another to Chicago to visit Mark.  This month also included another MS Fundrasier - Sip, Shop and See and it was a lot of fun and brought me closer to raising the $1,500 needed for the MS Challenge Walk!
In May I shared a little bit about what I'm like in real life and Ella slept over for the first time ever!  We had so much fun especially at the Swan Boats in the Public Gardens.  Then I was off to Ireland and showed you some "flashback posts" of previous Ireland trips.


I returned from my Ireland vacation and shared all about it - especially about our trip to the ER in Dublin,  our time in Killarney and day trip to learn about the Titanic, and our time on the Ring of Kerry, horseback riding and visiting Galway.  All and all it was a fabulous vacation despite Allan's accident.


A great summer month which included several visits to the Cape.  I shared with you my weekend seeing Magic Mike and the Tall Ships (quite the interesting combo). Ha!  I told you about wearing two different shoes on the 4th of July.  I took a mini-vacation to the Cape and shared with you many pictures of my beach beauties!  Then to wrap up the month there was the Color Me Rad 5K and the 2nd Annual MS Crawl for a Cure.  Such a fun summer month!!


In August the summer fun continued with a spontaneous day trip to Nantucket with my girlfriends Ilka and Missy.  Then I shared with you some of my favorite summer work outfits.  To close the month out I saw Martina McBride on the Cape with my mom and it was an awesome concert!


Well of course the biggest thing to happen in September was the MS Challenge Walk.  Jenn and I walked 50 miles in 3 days and it was an incredible experience.  I also celebrated Labor Day weekend by having Peyton sleep over and we took a trip to the aquarium.  I saw Dave Matthews at the Life is Good Festival with Kendall and celebrated my 4 year MS Anniversary!  


This month brought fun fall activities including a day at the apple orchard/pumpkin farm with Peyton and Ella.  I shared with you why I don't blog while grumpy and about my night with the psychics.  I also shared with you some photos taken of my by the lovely Morgan.


 This was another great month which included walking the runway for a 2nd year in a row as I modeled in the MS Fashion Show, Fashion Plates.  Once again it was a blast!  I got to travel to North Carolina for Katie's wedding which allowed me not only to meet blogs friends in real life but also to visit Elon.  It was so much fun.  To wrap up the month I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and then Peyton's 5th birthday!


And then it was December.  How did that happen so fast!?  I got in the holiday spirit by attending the   Boston Bloggers Meet and Greet and taking my nieces to the Enchanted Village.  I continued with the Christmas fun when Ella slept over and we decorated my tree.  I shared my Christmas card with you and of course my Christmas celebrationwith my family.  On a sad note we experienced a horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT and in 2013 I will honor those lost by participating in #26Acts.
Wow!  What a year.  It is really fun to look back at 2012 and to remember all of the fun times.  That is just one of the great things about this blog.  If I hadn't written them here there is no way I'd remember.  

Looking forward to an amazing 2013. . . 









  1. What an eventful year!! That pic of you with your iPad is too cute. :) Hope 2013 is even better!!!!

  2. Hi I found you through the blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Have a great week.

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