Monday, January 21, 2013

Not A Long Weekend For Me. . .

Well it is MLK Jr. Day and I'm at work.  Hospitals don't close and today isn't considered a "holiday" for me.  Oh well.  My two day weekend was relaxing and low key which was nice.

Friday night Emily and I went to Emerald Lounge at The Revere Hotel for drinks.  It is one of the newer hotels in Boston and neither of us had been to this bar for drinks.

I had the grapefruit cosmo and it was SO good.  We had a nice time and it was good to catch up since we hadn't talked since before Christmas!

 Saturday I was up at 6:30 AM to head to my hometown.  I had to drop my car off b/c there was a recall.  I made the most of my time at "home" and had my hair cut.

Over three inches gone (please excuse the awkward self portrait)!  I kept going back and forth on a trim vs. a chop.  My hair grows really fast so I went for the chop!

I then spent the rest of the day relaxing at my parent's house while waiting for my car to be done and for our family Thanksgiving dinner in January to be ready!

We normally do a family Thanksgiving the weekend after Thanksgiving (since Timmy, Jenn, Peyton and Ella aren't w/ us on the actual day) but my mom had an injury and couldn't cook then so we delayed it until this weekend.

It was SO worth the wait!!!!

Oh and even better is that she sent us all home with LEFTOVERS!  Yay!

So apple pie for breakfast on Sunday was of course what I HAD to eat!

Sunday was a relaxing day spent mostly in my bed.  I had a long to-do list but being lazy won out.

I did receive a phone call from my credit card company, Capital One, to let me know they suspected fraud.  They were right.  Someone in NY had tried to use my card three times!  So pleased w/ Capital One for catching it.  They are mailing me a new card which I should have by Wed.

The bad news is that my debit card was also compromised this week.  So that was canceled on Friday and I have to wait 10 days for a new one.  So now I'm left w/ about $40 bucks in cash until the new cards arrive.

I'm on a spending freeze not by choice.  Ha!

Guess I'll be needing to run my credit reports too.  People that do this are creeps!

It would have been so much more fun to share this picture today if the Pats were going to the Superbowl.  Oh well.  I guess other teams deserve a turn too.

Happy Monday!
Tune in tomorrow for week 3 of my #26Acts!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! PS love the blog design!

  2. I hate creepy ahole thieves. I'm glad Capital One caught it, and that you noticed the debit issue too. HATE!

    I love love love a big turkey dinner. And a new haircut.

  3. I dont think your hair is looks good. Creeps they are...yeah my hubs has to work too....Keep up the acts of kindness

  4. i'm at work too, ugh. and love your hair!!

  5. Cute hair cut! :)

    Too bad you weren't closer to join our girls night last Friday, we had fun!!

    I'm sorry you are sad about the Patriots losing. I can't remember what it's like to have the Cowboys in the playoffs. It's been too long. **sigh**

  6. The credit/debit card thing is scary. Definitely be on the lookout for anything else! That's great they caught it. We recently had a weird thing where we discovered there were other user names linked to our bank accounts that we had never created. Like maybe someone else was trying to gain access to our accounts, or open a new one in my husband's name. Really creepy.

  7. Those goobers are so cute! Even thought its not ideal it might be fun to have a tight budget for a few days. Its an excuse to eat Ramen! haha I'm a new follower and really enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  8. Always go for the chop! That's my motto. :) My hair grows back fast too, so I'm rarely afraid of it being too short. Yours looks great!! I'm still sad about the Pats loss. I wasn't done watching Tom Brady!! :(