Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back To Work. . .

Happy January!  So I am back to work after four days off.  I would love to have something exciting to blog about today but since I didn't leave my bed (let alone my apartment) I haven't nothing much to share.  I've been sick with a bad cold and hoping to avoid a sinus infection or worse - the flu.  It seems like everyone around me is sick and coming back to work won't help that.  The hospital is certainly a germ pool!
I honestly accomplished nothing productive over the long weekend.  The Christmas tree is still up.  The house is still a mess.  The fridge is still empty.  Oh well.
Now that it is 2013 I think I need to plan out some weekend trips and vacations.  The only thing on my radar as of now is California in June for Stephanie's wedding.  I definitely need more fun things that that to look forward to.  
I've gone back and forth about going to Blissdom.  Early bird registration price ends tomorrow.  I was hoping to get sponsored to go but that hasn't worked out (yet).  Not sure if it will still happen or not.  The main reason I've hesitated on going is b/c I don't have roommates and I don't want to share a room w/ total strangers.  So let me know if you are going and maybe I'll bit the bullet in the next 24 hours!
I started #26Acts yesterday and look forward to sharing updates in a blog post each week!  It isn't too late to join me.  
Here's to a 3 day work week.  I think I can make it until the weekend!


  1. I would give anything to be home today - it's my first day back after 11 off! I'm hurting.

    Love your #26Acts mission.

  2. Yay for #26 acts, can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Hi there - found your blog through the link up. Can't wait to read more! Hope you're having a happy new year :)

  4. I meant to be productive this weekend, but that failed miserably... Lol. And I wish I could go to Blissdom, but it's just not going to happen. I'm pretty sad about it. :(

  5. weekend trips are the best! I need to plan one too!!

  6. Poor thing! I hope you feel better! Being sick is no fun at all :(

  7. I think it is kinda normal to be ordinary with nothing to talk about....I hope the rest helps you! And a short work week

  8. seems like there's something going around lately. Hope you feel better!!


  9. You know you can always let me know! I would LOVE to come to Dallas with you!