Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#26Acts (Days 8-14)

#26Acts continues to go well.  I've had to get a little more creative in week 2!

If you haven't read about my kind acts for days 1-7 go here first.

Day 8
I made brownies with peanut butter chips and mini peanut butter cups which are like crack.  Seriously I couldn't stop eating them but had to so I would have enough to bring in for my co-workers!

I wanted to do something nice for the Case Managers I work with as they have been under a lot of stress.  They were really appreciative of the afternoon treat!

Day 9
I found a great post on My three bittles. with a list of 160 acts of kindness.

I got the idea for today's act from that list.  I bought A Cup Of Joe For A Joe for just $2!  I had never heard of this program before and thought it was such a neat idea.

Day 10
I bought a coloring book and box of crayons for $2 and put them in the ER waiting room!  So simple yet it should provide some kids with a little distraction!

Day 11
I bought this plum colored Stella and Dot inspired necklace from Bridget's Boutique via VeryJane and Bridget is donating all the proceeds to Sandy Hook.

So this is an act of kindness where I get something too!  But I was really motivated to buy the necklace due to the donation part.  Such a great idea.  I can't wait to get the necklace!  (Pretty sure there are still some available on VeryJane so go make your donation!)

Day 12
This has been my FAVORITE day so far!  I went to Dunkin Donuts in the morning.  I left everything in my car (purse, phone, money) and only took my gift card with me.  I hurried into the store and on my way in noticed a man standing outside asking for something (I'm guessing money).

Once inside while standing in line I thought to myself that I could help him. . . so I went back outside and told him that I didn't have any money on me (which was true) but that I had a giftcard and would be happy to buy him something.  He asked for an ice coffee.  Since it was such a warm day (in the 50s) I decided on ice coffee too.  I got on each one and brought it out to him.

He gave me a big toothless smile and said, "You're a sweetheart.  THANK YOU."  He was so appreciative and honestly it made my day.  I couldn't stop smiling afterwards.  Such a simple act - spending $2 on a cup of coffee. . . but made his day!

Oh and so much better then just paying for the person behind you in the drive through!

{And I totally would have asked him if I could take a picture of him w/ his coffee but as I mentioned my phone was in the car.  Oh well!}

Day 13
On Sunday I was out doing errands and I noticed a "dollar store" so I ran in and place three 1 dollar bills around the store.  I placed them in places where I hope kids will find them.  I was trying to be so sneaky while doing it so nobody would see me!

I only wish I had attached the #26Acts paper to them so that people would know it was ok to take them.

Day 14
Yesterday I did something for someone I know.  I sent an email to my blog friend Rachel.  About a month ago she was robbed and shared about it recently on her blog.  I wanted her to know how proud I was of her for being brave enough to share about her experience.  I also have been impressed by how positive she has been during the whole experience.  That was the basics of it. . . the rest is private! :)

Most of the things I have done have been for "strangers" and I decided I didn't want to forget my friends/family so it felt nice to do something kind for someone I know.

I would say Week 2 was a success!  I'm half way through this project now.  I only hope I can keep the creative juices flowing!  If you have any ideas for me please share in the comments.


What kind act have you done today?


  1. I am amazed at how creative you are in the little acts of kindness...You make me think...I have looked at the Cup of Joe before so now I need to act.
    The man at Dunkin Donuts appreciated it, I am sure

  2. Nice! I love reading all your 26 Acts and I love all the ideas you've come up with so far-- It is so inspiring. I can't wait to read the rest in the upcoming weeks!

  3. This is so sweet:) What a wonderful idea. I especially love the coloring book idea. You are so thoughtful!

  4. I'm doing the Dollar in the Dollar Store this week!

    Great job on this!

  5. I am also digging your creativity. These are wonderful ideas. It's amazing how just $2 can really turns someone's day around.

    This is amazing Jodi. This whole idea is absolutely wonderful. The world would be a better place if everyone did something like this once in awhile.

  6. i love this, this is so inspiring Jodi!

  7. This is so awesome!! Once I get settled in to my new place and life gets back to normal, I think I'm gonna try this!!


  8. This post brought tears to my eyes! So amazing. I love the ER one, of course, since that's where I work. But the dollar store idea is super cute, too!! I bet that just made someone's day!!

  9. You are such a great person! You should feel duper proud of yourself :)

    Every time I try to do a good deed it feels like it backfires. People ask for more food or look at me like it's not enough money, OR even throw away the food I give them lol! I still keep trying though!