Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#26Acts (Days 22-26)

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Day 22
I bought this cute little plant at Trader Joe's and put it on my co-worker's desk.
She has been under a lot of stress so thought it would cheer her up.  A couple of days later when it was practically dead from lack of water we both had a good laugh.  Happy to report that it came back to life w/ a little TLC! :)

Day 23
I signed up to volunteer at the MS Climb to the Top in March.  This is a big deal b/c I have to be there at 6AM.  Hello early morning volunteer gig!  Katelyn is volunteering w/ me and breakfast w/ mimosas is in the plan when we finish.  A lot of my friends are doing this event so it should be a good time.

Day 24
I downloaded the Charity Miles app on my iPhone.
Have you guys heard of this?  It works for running, walking and biking.  For every mile you go they make a donation to a charity of your choice (from their list).  I chose Habitat for Humanity.  I love this!  So now while I'm training for the MS Challenge Walk my walking will be making an even bigger difference!

Day 25
 I gave up a really good parking space!
You know what I'm talking about.  You see it and get really excited.  A good parking space close to your destination.  In a city like Boston this is no easy feat.  But ya know. . . sometimes the right thing to do it to give it to another nearby car.  Not only did I do a kind act but I got myself some extra exercise by having to park further away!
Day 26
I made a donation to my friend Sheryl who is participating in the Climb to the Top!

And there ya have it!  Twenty-six days went by in a flash.

Which of my "acts" was your favorite?


  1. What a fantastic app! I am definitely going to see if there is a Blackberry version, thanks Jodi :)

  2. You are awesome!! Love this idea.

  3. You have such a great heart, Jodi! I admire you! I downloaded that app on my phone- that is such a great idea! Loved the plant story too!

  4. First of all-- people who climb 61 flights of stairs are crazy! And second-- I love that app! I'm gonna go download it!

  5. Great job! I'm totally going to get that app!