Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

Despite the sadness I was feeling over the tragedy in Newtown, CT I decided to make the most of my weekend.  

I was so happy that it included Ella b/c all I wanted to do was hug my nieces tight and tell them I love them!

This Weekend I. . . finished my Christmas shopping!

On Friday night actually!  The earliest I can ever remember finishing.  Now I just need to wrap.

This Weekend I. . . wore my new green skinny jeans for the first time.

I was excited to put together this "pinterest inspired" outfit to wear out on Saturday.  

  This Weekend I. . . went to brunch at Church of Boston with some Boston Bloggers.

A full recap and restaurant review will be coming in a post later this week!

This Weekend I. . . finally got a Christmas tree.

Ella was such a good helper and picked out a great tree.  Little did I know that taking a 3 year old to a Christmas tree "farm" would include one thousand questions! Ha!  She was fascinated by it all.  She thought it was especially cool that the tree was going to get home by being tied to my roof!  

This Weekend I. . . had Ella sleep over for the second time.  {To read about the first time go here.}

We made smoothies and mac and cheese and Ella had a "picnic" on my bed while watching Rudolph!  Ella also got Patriotic after finding some 4th of July decorations.  She kept saying "Happy 4th of July!"  Such a goober!  

After I read her a story, tucked her in, and kissed her goodnight she said, "What are we going to do now?"  It made me laugh b/c she was serious.  I was like um. . . you are going to sleep and I'm not too far behind you!  She was sound asleep within a few minutes.

This Weekend I. . . made Christmas cupcakes with Ella.
"Jodi you are the BEST cupcake baker in the WHOLE.WIDE.WORLD!"  Thanks Ella.  Ha!
Yes she did have cake batter for breakfast (after cereal) and yes she did lick the knife several times while she was frosting her cupcake.  Don't worry those didn't go to work w/ me today!

This Weekend I. . . decorated my tree.

Scene: 7:02 AM - Lying in bed with my back to Ella.
Ella:  "Jodi its morning!"
Me:  "Yeah."
Ella:  "You said we could put ornaments on the tree in the morning!"

It was literally the first thing on her mind when she woke up. . . just a little bit excited to decorate the tree.  And as you can see she did an excellent job putting all of the ornaments right at her height!

Oh and another Ella funny (at least to me). . . 
Me:  "Ella which ornament do you want to hang up next?"
Ella:  "You choose because you're the aunt."

 This Weekend I. . . got a holiday manicure!

This Weekend I. . . gained a new twitter follower!

Yup Carly Rae Jepsen is my newest follower.  Um hello?!  I wasn't even following her so no clue what made her follow me.  Too funny! 

Well that is about all.  I think it is so important to enjoy every moment.  So thankful that I could have Ella sleep over this weekend and spend quality time w/ her one on one.  These precious moments are so important to savior.

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  1. I see a weekend full of fun...licking the beaters reminds me of my childhood. Decorating the tree also fun

  2. Adorable! That is the only way to cook in the kitchen. I love your outfit especially the necklace.

  3. Where did you get those green jeans and that necklace?! I'm seriously in love.

  4. I love your outfit! Yay for a Christmas tree. I bet your house smells amazing! Pretty mani. I got a similar color this weekend too. And yay for celebrity followers! Britney Spears follows me and I freak out when I think about it!

  5. The weekend fun is described here. Truly enjoyable
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