Thursday, December 20, 2012

Three Things. . .

bringing me some happiness after such sadness.

I've found myself feeling sad many times this week.  As much as I try to avoid the news at the same time I'm drawn to it.  I can't stop watching the continued coverage about the Sandy Hook tragedy.  

Thankfully there have been some really nice things that have come out of all the sadness.  

Here are three things that have made me smile this week.

Comfort Dogs

Seeing all the media coverage of the "comfort dogs" who are helping the community of Newtown makes my heart happy.

I am a big fan of "pet therapy" and even started a program here at my hospital.  Cooper visits the patients each week and I've seen first hand the positive impact it has.

I'm so glad that dogs are being used to help the grieving children and adults in Newtown.  I hope it provides some sense of comfort during this very difficult time.  

To read more about this go here and here.

This tribute on The Voice 

Wow.  It still gives me chills every time I watch it.  Well done and so moving.

The Stories of Heroism

I've always know that teachers are our unsung heroes but hearing these stories about the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School only confirms that they are true hereos.

I'm looking forward to reading this issue of People tonight.

What else?  What have I missed?

Please share with me things that are bringing you happiness after such sadness. . .


  1. HUGS!! Hope focusing on the positive helps <3

  2. The pet therapy is the perfect idea! I have two golden retrievers and I know how comforting they are at the saddest of times! Thanks for sharing this, that completely warmed my heart!

  3. Pet therapy is fantastic. I have a friend whose dog does therapy and it's just amazing.

    I watched that episode of The Voice last night and balled. It was such a simple, and yet moving tribute.

  4. I still get chills every time I hear the tribute by The Voice. So beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes. All we can do right now is look for the light in the world...

  5. Whoa, chills are right. Holy cow. And pet therapy is amazing. I've written stories about dogs helping with reading, social skills, and even in a classroom with severely handicapped children.

  6. It is so Sad...but I have limited my news watching. Getting ready for Christmas has helped me some

  7. Oh those dogs look so sweet!! I agree-- it's SUCH a great program for a hospital to have!