Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Enchanted Village

As I mentioned yesterday, on Saturday I took Peyton and Ella to The Enchanted Village.  For those of you who do not live in Massachusetts I've borrowed some text from the Jordan's Furniture website to explain to you.  Read below and then I will tell you all about our time there!


A stroll through The Enchanted Village, 
a true New England tradition.

The Spirit of Boston’s Holidays
Throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s, Jordan Marsh displayed the Enchanted Village in its Downtown Crossing store. The heart-warming display quickly became an integral part of New England’s seasonal celebrations. Until 1972, when Jordan Marsh closed the display, a trip to The Village was a traditional event.

A Tradition in Jeopardy
The Enchanted Village remained closed from 1972 until its rebirth in 1990. Then, in 1998, when Macy’s purchased Jordan Marsh, the Village was sold to the City of Boston for a City Hall Plaza display. In 2003, a lack of funding forced the Village to move to the Hynes Convention Center. By 2006, Boston stopped displaying The Village altogether. In 2009, the Village was put up for auction.

A Local Custom Continues
Jordan’s Furniture purchased the surviving pieces of the Enchanted Village at auction in May of 2009 and restored the vintage collection to its former glory. The Village is on permanent display here in Avon, and is open for all to enjoy during the holiday season. Whether you’re reliving your youth or starting a new family tradition, Jordan’s hopes your holidays are as enchanting as the Enchanted Village.

If you are in need of some Christmas spirit I highly recommend taking a three year old and a 5 year old to see Santa.  Seeing Christmas through kid's eyes brings happiness. . .

On our way into the village there is the obligatory picture in front of a green screen.
Then on the way out of the {free} village there is the $30 picture.  Ha!

When you enter the village it is filled with Christmas music, lights and snow!  Yes snow.  They spray snow into the air and the girls loved it!

The girls loved looking at all of the scenes and looking for all of the animals.

When you exit the village you can line up to see Santa.  Since we got to the village right when it opened at 10 we had to wait a little bit for Santa who didn't come until 11.  Luckily we were about 5th in line.

The girls were getting a peak at Santa while they waited their turn.  It was honestly one of the cutest things I have seen in a LONG time.  They were so excited.  They would speak only in high pitched squealy voices saying things like "I see him!" and "I can't wait!" and "I'm SO excited to meet Santa!"  Just priceless!

The girls did such a great job.  They told Santa what they wanted for Christmas and he told them he would try!  Too cute!  The girls had the biggest smiles on their faces for all of the photos.  He spent a lot of time talking to them which was really sweet.

I LOVE this picture.  Such a sweet moment.  After Ella saw it she wanted to know why I didn't get a picture of Santa talking to her!  Ha!

After Santa we had time to play a game.  The Racing Reindeer game was similar to ski ball and the girls were pretty good at it.

They also have a 20 minute Polar Express movie there.  We attempted to go but the earlier showings were all sold out and I didn't want to have to wait around for two hours.  Next time!

I still remember visiting The Enchanted Village when I was little.  It is such a fun tradition.  I'm so glad I got to experience it as an adult with Peyton and Ella.  They had so much fun and are definitely at great ages for loving everything Christmas.  If only you could bottle that up and sell it.

So the Christmas spirit is with me and hopefully will motivate me to go and buy a tree tonight!  I love having a Christmas tree but doing it after working all day is a bit - well - exhausting!  Hoping to do some baking this week and weekend too!  Christmas goodies are the best!

Tell me. . . what are you doing to get into the Christmas spirit?

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  1. I love The Enchanted Village! I remember heading down to Filenes (or was it Macys?) with my mother to see it when I was a kid. I haven't seen it since it moved to Jordan's. Looks like they did a great job with it, I might have to head up this weekend!

  2. Fun! I love things like that. I've never been but can't wait to take my kids when they're a bit older. You do the best things with them. You're such a good aunt!

  3. how neat is this?! and so sweet that you did this when you were little!! I want to go!

  4. oh my god I would love to go there too!!


  5. This looks amazing! You & the girls look so great!

    And that is a fantastic looking Santa, he looks geniuinely happy to be talking to the girls. Our Santa last year looked like a lump on a log. I get that he probably sees hundred kids a day, but dude, you're Santa deal with it.

  6. This looks so awesome! I'd love to go!!!