Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Remember that Christmas spirit I blogged about yesterday? Well it is nowhere to be found today.  I'm grumpy.  Won't go into details on the blog but let's just say I'm ready for the weekend.  
So today I'm saying So What if. . .
. . .today is 12/12/12.  Why do people get so excited about things like this?
. . .Kate has morning sickness.  So do like one million other pregnant women.  Who cares!?  We really don't need to hear about it!
. . .I don't have a Christmas tree yet.  I will might still get one.  Don't judge.
. . .Kevin Youkilis is a New York Yankee.
. . .Christmas is in 13 days and I still have shopping and wrapping and baking and decorating and more to do!
. . .it hasn't even gotten really cold here yet and I'm already tired of winter.  How many days until Spring?
What are you saying So What to today?


  1. YOUK IS A YANKEE?! How am I just hearing about this?! Awful.

  2. Aww Jodiii! Things will get better I'm sure of it! I don't have a Christmas tree either but may pick one up tomorrow. I got your email I'm going to send out a diddy soon so we can all get together :)

  3. I like your new blog layout. I don't have a Christmas tree either but I'm not getting one. =p

    You are a Yankee? Howdy from a Southerner! =)

  4. I agree with them all! I would add..

    1. so what that I cry during EVERY Parenthood episode. It's good for the soul to shed a few tears.

    2. so what if I left all of the tree ornaments exactly where the kids put them (on top of each other). That's true holiday spirit right?

    3. so what if I keep thinking I'm caught up on sign orders only to find out there are more.. Who needs a break anyway?

    I hope you find your Christmas spirit again soon! It's been a strange year for getting in the mood. I don't know if it's the weather or the early Thanksgiving, but it's been hard for everyone.

  5. I struggle to have a good attitude about Christmas...the stress of having to get this and that done...makes me feel nervous
    It will get better tomorrow

  6. Great minds think alike with the 12-12-12 comment!! :)

    I'm so behind on my Christmas shopping, I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks. EEK!!

    I'm sorry about Youk. :( I wouldn't wish becoming a Yankee on anyone.

  7. Days like this are really so inevitable but I'm sure you'll snap out of it in no time....glad to have found your blog!


  8. A couple years ago, I didn't put up a tree and it felt amazing. I live in Texas so it's never really 'winter' here; but it was totally awesome not to have to worry about putting up decorations after the holidays.

  9. Girl. I have not bought even ONE Christmas gift yet!! And my whole family comes up in ONE WEEK. Lawrd...

    How is your holiday cheer today??

  10. I'm with you! 12/12/12 was so annoying. So is all the 12/21/12 crap now. Kate's morning sickness hospitalization is kind of ridiculous. I had a friend who was basically allergic to being pregnant and threw up the entire time. She was actually 5 pounds lighter than before she got pregnant by the time she was 9 months along. And the only thing to give any relief? A suppository. So Kate can shut up.