Monday, December 31, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Well the last weekend of 2012 is going out with a bang. . . well not really.  More like a sneeze.  I've been sick all weekend and literally been in bed sleeping or watching tv.  I haven't even had the energy to blog.  But since I've slept all day I'm not feeling a little better.  Thought I would tell you about my very (un)exciting weekend.

Friday night I went to a surprise birthday party for Kendall's husband.  It was a fun and low key night.  I sneezed numerous times which was my first clue that I was likely coming down w/ a cold.  

Saturday morning I had a much needed massage.  It was very relaxing!

Saturday afternoon I met up with Jaime and her girls downtown.  They went to see the Nutcracker so we had a late lunch.  I laughed b/c they took a pedi cab from the theatre to the restaurant which was only a two minute walk.  It was snowing already so I think the girls liked it!  I was hoping the margarita would kill the cold germs but no such luck!

I've been in my bed ever since.  I've managed to drink about 2 gallons of hot tea, watch several Hallmark movies, watch 2 On Demand movies - Pitch Perfect and Friends With Kids and sleep a lot!

Not what I would call a very exciting way to ring in the New Year but thankful that I have this time of to rest and recover.
 Peyton and Ella wish you a Happy New Year!