Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

I've been really pretty good this year.  Please bring some presents in your sleigh for me!  I would like all any of these. . . 

Naked Palette
I've wanted this for a long time (it was actually on my wish list last year).  I've just never wanted to spend $50 on eye shadow.  But according to practically every blogger out there it is the best so I guess it is worth the money.  Hoping to get it this year!

Stella and Dot Stackable Deco Rings
I love these rings.  I've had my eye on them ever since I had my fundraiser.  Plus if Santa orders them from my cousin Katelyn (who is a stylist) she benefits too!  Haha!

Alex and Ani bracelets
I love these!  I would really like to get the Claddaugh, Cupcake (a donation goes to Nancy Davis Foundation for MS), Everything Happens For a Reason, and I love all the beaded ones especially the blues!

Willow Tree Nativity Set
I've wanted this set FOREVER!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It is expensive so that is why I don't have it.  But I had $20 off from Amazon for some health surveys I did so I took the plunge and bought the main six piece set.  I can't wait for it to come in the mail.  So now I can ask for other pieces and build each year until I have it all.  So. . . I would love the Shepherd and Animals or the Three Wise Men to add next!

Michael Kors Two Tone Watch
I would love to have this Michael Kors watch on my wrist!  I've never had an expensive watch.  The most I usually spend is around 50 bucks and they end up getting scratched and tarnished.  So time to invest in something fancier!  Please Santa! :)

And just in case Santa runs out of time in the workshop here are a few gift cards that I always enjoying spending. . .

Facial at Elizabeth Grady

Manicure and Pedicure at MiniLuxe

Clothes at The Limited

froyo at pinkberry (of course)!

What is on YOUR wish list this year?!


  1. YEP. I'm telling ya, from the Queen of Drugstore Makeup herself, the Naked palet is THE BEST!! I hardly EVER splurge on beauty things, but am SO glad that I did with the eyeshadow!! I use it exclusively almost every day (including today ;-)) and I just adore it. Love the rest of the things on your list too!

  2. that Naked palatte looks awesome!! I need to make a xmas list stat!

  3. I have been seeing every single blogger out there rave about that palette. I feel like I need to get on the ball and get one myself!

  4. OMG-- you still haven't gotten the naked palette?? I've seriously used mine almost every day for over a year and a half. I don't think I've done my eye makeup without it since I got it. Lol. That nativity set is beautiful too. I wish I had somewhere to put one.

  5. I love that MK watch - so pretty!! I asked for benefit make up and a cricut machine ;)

  6. I want the Urban Decay Naked Palatte too! I heard it compliments every skin tone and its the best eyeshadow!


  7. I've wanted a Naked Palette for years and years. I finally took it off my wish list and added Sephora's $15 Blinged Palette. Maybe I'll finally get a freakin' palette. Haha! I love that nativity set! So pretty.