Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brunch at Church of Boston

On Saturday I went to brunch at Church of Boston.  The event was organized by Blog and Tweet Boston and was open to Boston Bloggers.  

There were 9 of us who attended and I had met all but 3 at previous events.

I had never been to Church of Boston and always enjoy checking out a new spot in Boston.

There were many great options on the menu and I would love to go back to try the mac and cheese!  For this occasion chef John Rush offered to make us several different dishes for us to share and we all agreed!  A great way to try many different dishes!

I started out by ordering a L'Arc L'Oranj which is their version of a mimosa.  It was good!

There were a few dishes that I didn't try due to something in it that I don't like (such as eggs, shrimp, meat, etc).  So I can't really comment on those dishes.  I did try the cornbread (bottom left) and it was really good!

My favorite dish out of everything that we tried was the pancakes with roasted apples and lots of butter.  They were delicious!  Very sweet but I like sweet stuff so it worked well for me.

There was a lot of food provided but we managed to eat most of it!  Ha!

The bartender made us a special drink/shot.  It had a bunch of stuff in it which I can't remember.  It was ok.  I liked my other drink better!

Now for dessert. . . it was all so yummy!  I was already so full but couldn't resist trying everything.  My favorite was a tie between the ginger cake (top left) and the flourless chocolate cake (top right).  The ginger cake was loaded w/ warm caramel sauce and was so tasty.  The chocolate cake was served with a few cherries and the combo was amazing.  Mmmmmmmmmm!  If you go make sure you order dessert!

Here we all are at the end of our meal.  All happy and stuffed.  It was fun getting to chat with everyone while eating delicious food.

I would definitely go back to Church of Boston in the future.  The service was great.  They have an area with comfy couches where you can relax while having a drink.  They also have a nice bar area.

If you go tell me what you think!

The meal was free but the opinions are my own!


  1. This all looks so yummy - thanks for the review Jodi!

  2. Every time you post about a restaurant in Boston, it makes me both want to visit Boston and very hungry. Lol. We are actually planning to come to Boston as part of a longer New England trip next year! I'll have to use all your restaurant reviews as reference... Lol