Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

I had a VERY busy weekend!  I feel like my weekend started on Thursday since I went to an all day conference and therefore wasn't at work.  

I had Friday off too for Fashion Plates but more on that soon.  Anyways I jammed packed this weekend with plenty of fun and thank God for that extra hour of sleep.  I needed it!

Fashion Plates was AMAZING!

I can't wait to do a full blog post all about it but for now this sneak peak picture will have to hold you over!

After the fashion show everyone was invited back to Piper's (our committee chair) house for an after party.  It was  We ate and talked all about the fashion show.  We got to look at some of the professional photos from the event too.  

Oh and did I mention it turned into a full out dance party?!  Yup that happened.  Such a great day and night and I'm sad it is already over!

   Saturday I went to visit Peyton and Ella (and Jenn).  I felt like I hadn't seen them in a while and thought it was a great excuse to take them out to lunch!  We went to their favorite restaurant (Grampy has brainwashed them) the 99.  

They were a little wild energetic at the restaurant playing "waitress" and asking me what I wanted to order while standing at the end of the table with a pad of paper and pen.  

When they asked to go to the playground I figured it was a good idea!  They ran around and played for a while.  It was actually warmer than I thought and felt so nice in the sun.  I guess we have to enjoy these days b/c soon enough we won't be spending much time outside at all.

It is always fun seeing these two little ones!

Afterwards I ran to the Wrentham Outlets.  I HAD to since I was only 5 minutes away.  Ha!  Actually I went to get a pair of nylons for Katie's wedding this weekend!  I also bought a white puffer jacket at the Gap b/c I really needed a new jacket for winter.  I love it.  I stayed away from all the other stores and marched right back to my car before I could spend any money.

  Saturday night I picked Sam and Jake up from a birthday party and put them to bed while their parents were at a party.  I thought their Halloween costumes were pretty awesome!  Such cuties.

Sunday morning I slept in and then in the afternoon I went to watch football have a drink with my friend Taylor.  So happy to have this girl back on the East Coast even if it is only for a visit from Lake Tahoe where she is living.  She tells me she'll be back for good in the spring and I can't wait!  

It was so nice to catch up in person with Taylor.  We also hung out with another friend from Elon and it was great to see him too.  

Sunday night I went to dinner at L'Osteria in the North End with two Boston Bloggers, Jen and Kerri.  We had met a few months ago at a Boston Bloggers event and made a blate (blogger date) over twitter.  These two are foodies and know a few good restaurants around town so I was excited to venture out with them.

We had a great meal.  My favorite was the dessert.  While I'm usually a chocolate dessert person this amaretto cake made by the owner, Nina, was delicious!  It was my first time ever trying this type of cake and I would definitely order it again.

Nina came over and introduced herself and even took care of our bill (she knew Jen and Kerri were food bloggers).  It was so very generous of her to do this.  

I would definitely recommend L'Osteria for your next dinner out in the North End.  

And then just like that the weekend was over! :(  

Back to work today for another short week.  On Friday morning bright and early I will fly to North Carolina for Katie's wedding.  Really looking forward to it!



  1. It sounds like you had a weekend full of fun, laughs, and amazing food. That dessert looks AMAZING!! Mmm Mmm.

    I will have to check that place out the next time we're up in Boston. Thanks for the info!

  2. I spot you!!! You look great! :D

  3. My mouth literally started watering at the picture of that amaretto cake. Omg yum!