Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekend Recap: Visiting Elon

Yes I realize it is Wednesday and I'm still recapping my weekend. . . but it was a good weekend and it deserved two posts!  If you missed Part 1 where I recapped Katie and Donny's Wedding go here to read it!

I left Boston bright and early Friday morning.  I landed in Raleigh, picked up my rental car, and was off to Elon!  I hadn't been to visit since 2008 and I knew a lot had changed so I couldn't wait to see campus.  

I loved being a college student at Elon.  It was an awesome experience on a beautiful campus.  I loved living there.  I was appreciative to be able to spend four years someplace so amazing.  Well let me tell you. . . wasn't sure it was possible but Elon is even better and more beautiful now!  Wow!

It was so fun to walk around campus.  It was a beautiful day and things were quiet.  There are still some colorful leaves on the trees too!

I love how well the new and the old buildings blend together.
Top left: West Residence Hall (aka oldest building on campus and where I lived freshman year).
Top right: Moseley Center (taken from across the street in while standing in front of Alamance).
Bottom left: Alamance (view from street)
Bottom right: The new business school (which is pretty fancy if you ask me and that fountain reminds me of something that would be in Vegas or at a fancy hotel! Ha!)

Lower campus is under a lot of construction.  When it is all done I'm sure it will be amazing.  They knocked down Harper Center (where I lived sophomore year), Staley, Moffit and the dining hall.  It looks so weird with nothing there!  I have a lot of good memories in that Maynard Suite!!

More new stuff. . . 
Top left: Firehouse field is no longer a field.  It is not a colorful apartment complex.
Top right: The game room in Moseley is now a cute little coffee shop.
Bottom left: More construction - there is going to be a huge building coming off the lake side of Moseley.
Bottom right: Jordan Center is gone (Praise the Lord) and now there are much nicer resident halls.

Elon has their own chapel now!  It is so pretty.  It is located in the area where Elon Homes for Children use to be.  Along with a driving ranger/golf course, the Alumni House and a couple of other things but not sure what they are.  Developing this area has really extended campus.  It would be a long walk from here to the lake!

Ok now onto the really important things. . . the two bars!  Ha!  The Lighthouse is no longer.  Hopefully this new establishment is a big nicer.  West End is still there although it did look a bit different to me.  No more Side Tracks Restaurant but The Root looks very cute and I've heard it is owned by Elon alum!

The new bookstore is really nice and HUGE!  It has an escalator!  It is located on the street where College Coffee use to be (sorry I'm blanking on the name right now).  There are several other new restaurants and shops including this cute little "greek" shop where you can get everything your hearts desires for your sorority!

So there you have it.  A little tour of good old Elon.  What do you think!?
I love all the additions.  I think it really makes the school that much better.  I think they have done a good job at keeping the Elon charm which is important to me.  I'd go there all over again if given the option! :)

After spending the morning at Elon I drove on and was able to meet us w/ Amber and her kids.  She just so happen to be driving from Atlanta to NC to visit her dad for his birthday.  We both had to go through the same area so we met up in Greensboro for some frozen yogurt.  How cute is this place!?  Sweet Frog I think it was called.  You know my love for froyo so I was happy to stop for a short visit.

It was great to catch up w/ Amber and to finally meet Patrick who is one.  Eva is such a character and has grown up so much since the last time I saw her.

I left and made my way to Winston for the wedding events.  You can read about that in my previous post!

  On Sunday I was able to meet up w/ another college friend.  Molly and I were next door neighbors our freshman year.  We stayed friends throughout college and since mostly through Facebook.  I hadn't seen her since graduation so it was so nice to meet up for lunch in person.

She brought her adorable daughter Logan who is one.  This picture doesn't do her justice (by the way stole this off FB b/c I felt too dorky to take a pic in Chipolte).  She is so sweet and cute.  She just sat in the high chair for 2 hours while Molly and I caught up.

It was so nice to visit Elon and catch up w/ some old friends.  Elon holds MANY special memories for me.  So grateful that I got to spend four years there making them.  Can't imagine what campus will look like the next time I make it back there!


  1. What a pretty campus!!! Did you buy anything from the Bookstore?!

  2. That campus is so gorgeous! I just love going back and visiting my alma matter! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  3. Love the pictures of all of the trees! How beautiful!