Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I am thankful for so many things this year (and every year).  Too many things to list them all. . . my family, friends, health, job, home. . . and so much more.

It is always great to stop and think about all I have and give thanks. 

 My aunt and uncle hosted Thanksgiving again this year.  A few family members were missing (my brother and his family and my cousin and his family) but the rest of us managed to have a great time anyways!  We ate a delicious dinner and yummy pies for dessert.  

Oh and don't forget the after dinner shot!  Yup you read that right.  Some years ago my uncle started serving shots after dinner and this  year was a new one - it was blue!  I didn't really like it as much as the one last year but still fun! 

We stuck w/ tradition and played a game after dinner - "Left, Right, Center."  Have you played?  It is so much fun.  We played twice and I didn't win either time!  Oh well it was still fun.  We play for money which makes it even more fun!

My aunt and cousin go shopping on Black Friday every year.  They get up at 4 AM.  I've always thought they were crazy for getting up so early.  Then I got this email and thought it might just be worth it to go out for a little shopping myself. . .

I got up at 6 AM and made my way to Off Broadway Shoes.  There were a few people in line when I arrived at 6:35 for the 7 AM opening.  On the way into the store we each got to reach into a bag and grab a coupon. . .

Much to my surprise I picked the one for a FREE pair of shoes!!!!  OMG!  
So happy and so excited!  I contained myself though since I didn't want anyone to know.  I've seen how crazy those Black Friday shoppers can get!

I made my way to the tall black boots since that was my reason for coming in the first place.  The selection was small but I ended up finding 2 pairs I really liked.  I wish I had someone w/ me to give opinions b/c I had to settle for a stranger. . . I went w/ this pair and I like them a lot.  They were on sale for $89 and I didn't pay anything for them.  So fun! 

Since I was up and out I figured I would do a little more shopping.  I went to the mall and although the parking lot was pretty full I found a space pretty quickly and made my way in.  It was all decorated for Christmas! 

I wasn't really Christmas shopping.  I was Jodi shopping.  Just keeping it real.  My 2 favorite stores - The Limited and The Loft were having 50% off the whole store in the morning so I did well.  But this dress is one thing you will never find in my closet!  I'm not a cat lover anyways but even if I was I don't think I would be caught dead in this dress.  You? Cat lovers? Anyone?

I got GREAT deals on some beautiful clothes - things I can wear to work and things I can wear during the holiday season!  Very exciting!

Much to my surprise I saw some half naked "models" while walking the mall.  Not one store but two!  Am I just old or is this a little strange to anyone else?  Shirtless in the winter?  Selling bathing suits in Nov?  Hmmm. . .
After all my hard work I knew I deserved a pinkberry.  I hadn't had one in a long time and it was so good especially since I was so hot from being in the mall. 

{Never mind the fact that it was before noon when I got it and I didn't even know if they would be open that early!}

I didn't only buy myself presents. . . I actually picked up Peyton and my mom's birthday presents.

When I got home I took a nap!  It was great.  I also made some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies.  I can't wait to eat some!  

How was your Thanksgiving?

Did you score any good Black Friday deals??


  1. I bought myself two blouses at LOFT too! You can't pass up a 50% sale, yo. It's just impossible.

    So envious of your FREE boots! They look great, plus the "free" thing makes it that much better! Congrats!

  2. lovely photos!

  3. Okay, first of all, our Thanskgiving is clearly lacking. We have GOT to begin this alcohol phase of the day! And second-- girl, what a Black Friday score! I slept, but Donny got some good stuff. :) Pinkberry is a must after all that hard shopping... ;)