Friday, November 16, 2012


I don't know about you but I'm very happy that Friday has finally arrived!  Not having Monday off while many others did was pretty painful.  Somehow I've survived the week and I'm very much looking forward to a jam packed weekend.

Today I wanted to catch you up on a few events I've been to this week and share some other random stuff.  Yes stuff.  I'm tired and that it the fanciest word I can come up with right now!  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

Last night I went to a preview party at nau on Newbury Street with Jen and Kerri.  We got to check out the clothes and meet the staff.  They have some great stuff especially the jackets.  Next time you are looking to buy a new jacket check them out! 

After the nau party we stopped by Bridier Baubles trunk show.  We got to meet the owner, Kerri, who is very sweet and very pregnant!  We check out all the gorgeous jewels on display!  You can find everything on their website so check it out.  You will find great statement necklaces for reasonable prices!  I love my britta beads!!

Wednesday night I ventured over to The Yard House in Fenway for a Hole in the Wall Gang Alumni event.  This was the second time I've gone to an alumni event and it was a lot of fun.  Many of the people there were former staff and new each other well due to that (I was a volunteer for one session several years ago).  Everyone was really nice and it is always great to be around people who believe in the importance of camp for kids as much as I do!

 Today is National Adoption Day!!!!
As a former adoption social worker I always like to remember this day.  It is such an important day for so many children.  Adoption helps to make so many people become parents and gives so many children families.  It is such a great day to celebrate.

In other news I think I've become a coffee drinker and not for the taste.  My friends, I'm only drinking it for the small jolt of energy it gives me to make it through the work day.  I'm still not a coffee lover but ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive.  Somehow I've made it this long w/o being caffeine dependent but lately I'm exhausted all.the.time.  The worst time of day is the drive home from work.  The MS fatigue and I are not good friends.  I'm hating the decrease in energy.  Hoping for a change in energy level very soon!  Until then I will continue w/ my new found fondness for coffee.  I may even try Starbucks for the first time ever.  Haha!

Ok I think that is enough randomness for one day.   


  1. What a cute store! And that's awesome that you blogged about National Adoption Day. I think we all know someone who's life has involved adoption :)

    Happy weekend!

  2. What a fun night at that store! I'd love to go to something like that. I honestly had no idea that it was National Adoption Day. I have a 7 year old adopted brother. Good to know. I'm putting it in my calendar!