Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fashion Plates 2012 Recap

A fashion show and luncheon. . .

To benefit MS. . .

Real Women, Real Stories. . . all for a good cause!

On Friday I had the honor of modeling at Fashion Plates for the second year.  What an honor it is!

Before I tell you all about the event I had to show you these pictures!  Last week the Fashion Plates Committee, which I'm also a member of, gathered for our final meeting known as "basket night."

We put together all of the raffle items for our AWESOME theme raffle baskets.  Each one was valued at over $1,000 and some were over $2,000!  They came out really nice and I'm sure the people that won them are pretty excited.

When I arrived at the hotel on Friday morning this was the first thing I saw.  Not so bad!?  Would you believe I actually thought it was too early to drink champagne and I had to eat a granola bar and banana first.  I think that is a sign I'm getting old! Ha!

Getting Ready. . .

There were 16 models this year (in order to model you must have MS).  The models arrived at 9 AM to get pampered by the stylists of Salon Red.  We have our hair and makeup done, all while sipping some bubbly.

Our three outfits were all set up for us in a changing area.  There are "dressers" there to help us with the quick changes during the show.

The getting ready time is so fun.  Not only do we get treated to fun hair styles and makeup but it is a change to catch up with old friends and meet new ones (we had a few new models this year).

We also do a practice walk on the runway so we can get use to the lights, sound, etc.  Then it is time to get dressed in outfit #1 and line up.  I was lucky #7 this year!

Here are my three looks!  

My first outfit was pretty casual with sleek hair.  

My second outfit was a bit more funky and the hair. . .
well. . . 
you can pretty much see for yourself!

That hair was crazy and I didn't love it.  
But it is all in good fun so I went with it!

My third outfit is what I like to call my "Olivia Newton John at the end of the movie Grease outfit."
Black leather pant and sequin shirt is probably not the first thing that you would think of for me (if you know me in real life).
But you know what. . . the longer I had the outfit on the more comfortable I felt and the more I loved it.  
It was so fun to wear.  Oh and did you notice the hair - somehow they did a 30 second up-do while I was in line waiting to go back out!

I didn't buy any of the outfits.  Everyone encouraged me to buy the third outfit but I just didn't think I would get enough wear out of it for the money.  So I passed.  

What do you think of my looks?  Which one is your favorite?

Some candids while we got ready for our first walk down the runway. . .

These ladies are all pretty cool.  We had five decades represented!

Many I have known for over a year and I'm so happy I got involved with this event.  The people I have met have made my journey with MS so much better.  I'm so proud to call them my friends.

  For the third outfit, all the models wore black and gold.  We went back out on the stage for the finale while "Raise Your Glass" by Pink was playing.  Of course we had glasses of champagne in hand!

The show went by SO fast.  It was so much fun.  I had a blast.  Like I said in the beginning I feel so honored to be a part of this event with these ladies.  I never thought I'd be a model in a fashion show let alone in a MS fashion show!  When life gives you lemons. . . make lemonade.  Fashion Plates is some delicious lemonade!!!

Thank you to my family and friends who came to support me and to everyone else who supported me from afar!  My friend Kendall (bottom right picture), my cousin Katelyn (bottom left picture), Aunt Nancy (top right picture) and my friend Emily (not pictured) were there.  

My mom couldn't make it again this year.  She is in Florida taking care of my grandmother who is recovering from surgery.  I was really sad that she couldn't be there but I know my grandmother needed her more.  Luckily I have plenty of pictures to share with her.

Thank you to our emcee Lori Grande (top picture).  Lori is so sweet and it has been great getting to know her better this year.  She is the morning show host for our only country radio station, 102.5.  She was in Nashville all week for the CMAs working and then came home in time for Fashion Plates.  So glad she was able to get a flight back!  Thanks Lori.  We love having you involved.

Thank you to Ports and Company and more specifically Lisa (bottom right picture).  Lisa is an awesome stylist and has an eye for fashion.  As you can tell from the pictures she makes all the models look amazing by choosing beautiful clothes.  She is so generous to donate her time to this event.  Additionally all of her staff help out at the event and they are super too!  Thanks Lisa.  Love the clothes!!

And to those other two ladies, Ilka and Missy (bottom left) thank you for making being a part of the committee so much fun.  Love hanging out with you both!

A very special thank you must also go to Piper and Staci.  Without them this event would not happen.  I don't have a picture to share but will find one once I see the professionals and share then!

Wow holy long post!  If you made it to the end Thank YOU for reading.  I just love this event so so much that I wanted to make sure I shared everything so I will remember.  

I'll actually be doing a 2nd post once all the professional photos are shared with us.  There are some beautiful ones so I look forward to posting.  They will be all the runway photos!

To see all the photos from this event and see updates about Fashion Plates "like" this page on Facebook.





  1. That is SO cool! What a great event. That's awesome that you were a part of it and modeled :)

  2. Looks fantastic!! I love the third outfit! But seriously what's with the hair in the second one... Lol

  3. Third one is by far my favourite, you look great in it, and yes, your hair in the second one is crazy!

  4. I absolutely LOVE you in the third outfit! So so stunning! The hair in the second one...wow! Hahaha! It's definitely unique!

  5. What a FANTASTIC event for a fabulous cause! I love all three looks but I have to agree with your friends that number 3 is my fave!

  6. Wow - what a great event! Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. You totally should have bought the leather pants and sequin top! You look great in it!!