Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Cards: To Send or Not To Send?

That is the question.  The question I am debating in my mind right now.  I've always been inconsistent when it comes to sending Christmas cards.  I LOVE getting them especially the photo cards from all my friends with children.  This gal has no husband and no children and something about sending a picture of me alone just seems awkward!  Ha!

The past two years I got (somewhat) creative and did photo cards that were a "review" or "best of" for the year.  I really liked both of them.  This is what they looked liked (sorry for the terrible photos).

I like sending Christmas cards.  It is another chance to thank all of my donors from that year, it is a chance to keep in touch with former adoptive couple clients, and it is fun to send holiday cheer to all of my friends and family BUT. . . I'm just not sure what to do this year. 

I'm just not feeling the creative juices flowing.  I'm not really feeling the energy.  Trying to motivate but it just isn't happening. . .yet.  There is still time.  So that is where you come in.  Send me your ideas! 

A twitter friend suggested a "Year in Numbers" which I think is cute but haven't really figured out a way to execute it (especially since I like to use Shutterfly to make my cards). 

What can this husbandless and childless girl do?  I know there are SO many creative bloggers out there so I can't wait to hear from you with some great ideas!

Are you sending Christmas cards this year?  Do you do a photo card?


  1. When I was single, I would buy cards and write them in. After I got married, I switched to photo cards.

    I've heard from a few of my single girlfriends that they don't want to do cards because no one wants a picture of just them and trust me that is so not true! Your friends and family will love having a card of you hanging up on their fridge or on their display.

  2. We're doing photo cards this year-- my first ones ever! I never wanted to do them by myself either. But I love your ideas there! I definitely think you should send them out, but I'm no help with any fresh ideas. Lol

  3. I say send them out! I don't have any great ideas, but I think everyone loves getting Christmas cards. I know that I do. Hope you think of something great!

  4. I don't have ideas. I don't do Christmas cards myself. But, I think you should do something- maybe something funny spoofing the single girl Christmas card thing?

  5. Found you through a Sigma Kappa link up! So excited to be your newest follower! I agree, touching base with your holiday cards is a must!

  6. I love your previous cards, so cute! I didn't start doing Christmas cards until I had a kid, so I'm no help to figuring out a clever way to send one out!