Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was very relaxing!  I looked for a dog and have fallen in love with this beauty. . .

This is Dakota and she is available for adoption on Petfinder.  I WANT her!  She is currently living in New Orleans and I would gladly take a vacation there to pick her up.  She is the cutest thing and I think she would be very happy living with me (too bad my condo association says no bueno).

Not sure why I torture myself by looking for dogs when I can't have one right now.  Plan is to move at end of this lease (in August) and find a new place that is dog friendly!

On Saturday night I celebrated Cara's 40th birthday!  Eleven of us went to dinner at 28 Degrees and then for drinks at City Bar.  Cara had a great birthday and it was fun celebrating with her.

I was the youngest of the group which was fun and different for me.  It was funny hanging out with all married ladies who have 2 to 3 kids each!  They all had to go home on the earlier side so they could get up with their kids the next morning.  Not me!  And it is a good thing.  I was EXHAUSTED on Sunday.  I haven't stayed out until 2 AM in a long time and now I remember why.  I pretty much stayed in bed all day Sunday.

Happy Birthday Cara!  So glad I could help you celebrate!

My lazy Sunday pretty much consisted of watching the Lifetime channel all day.  They kept me entertained with several chick flicks (Spanglish, Made of Honor, Bride Wars).  

Oh and I stopped my gluten free eating (blame it on Cara's birthday dinner).  There weren't any good gluten free options and I have no will power and needed to eat that delicious brownie dessert!  So Sunday night my plan was to make apple crisp with the apples we picked on Thursday.  But I never motivated to do it.  So hopefully tonight!  

Hope y'all had a great weekend.  A few other things I want to make sure you know about. . .

1.  My work event "Cutting For A Cure" is one week from today.  If you live in Mass and are interested in donating 10 inches or more of your hair let me know.  You will get it cut and styled by the ladies at Halo Studio for FREE and it will be donated to Pink Heart Funds!  Do something amazing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

 2.   Fashion Plates is only 18 days away!  There are still tickets available for my table.  
Come and cheer me on as I walk the runway for MS!

 3.  Today is the first day of the silent auction for Julee and Preslee.  There are tons of amazing items to bid on.  So many bloggers have come together to make this happen and it is awesome to see the support for Julee and her family.  Go bid!


  1. the pup is absolutely precious!!!! (ok, he kind of looks like mine...i might be biased). hope you had a great monday and that your week goes by fast!

  2. Aww! Love her big long floppy ears! :D

  3. What a cute dog! I always look at those websites and find a bunch of dogs that I want but can't have. Lol