Monday, October 8, 2012

This Weekend I. . .

I'm back to work today.  Unfortunately I don't get Columbus Day as a holiday.
Hope you are enjoying a long weekend!

This weekend I finally booked my flight and rental car for Katie's wedding.  I still can't believe I'm going to a fellow blogger's wedding who I've never met!  I'm really looking forward to it and to visiting Elon and Elon friends.  I haven't been back in such a long time.

This weekend I stopped by a store on my way to Riley's birthday party.  I was looking for gold shoes to wear to Katie's wedding.  And then this happened:

Yes that is four boxes you see.  Not only did I finally finally find a pair of gold shoes but I also found three other pairs of shoes for work (all on sale).  I sent Katie a tweet:

While I didn't plan on spending money on 4 pairs of shoes I was pretty happy to find some great buys!

After the shoe buying extravaganza I made my way to Riley's 4th birthday party!

Me:  "Riley can I take your picture in your birthday outfit?"
Riley: "Everyone wants to take my picture!"
(Oh yes to be 4!)

It was kind of like a few weeks ago when I told Riley I liked her new haircut and she said, "I know."  Ha!

I got Riley the  Stompeez!  Have you seen them?  Apparently they are the best slippers ever according to most 4 year olds!  When I was shopping with Peyton last month (when she slept over) she saw these and went nuts.  She had to have them.  I told her she had to wait until her bday or xmas.  I plan to buy them for both her and Ella.  Anyways Riley also loved them.  She was jumping around and showing everyone.  Too cute!  If you have a 4 year old in your life I highly recommend buying a pair of these silly slippers!

Since I'm eating a gluten free diet right now and couldn't have any cake I had some wine instead.  It will do.  

After the birthday party I met up with Joana for dinner.  I love that Kendall and Joana now live in the same town.  It makes seeing them both on the same day very easy!  We had dinner and then had to try out this new froyo place.  It was packed!  The best thing is that they had a ton of gluten free toppings!  Yum!!  While we were in the froyo place is started pouring rain - needless to say we had to hang out a while and wait for it to pass.

On Sunday I made my way to the Sowa Market b/c I knew a gluten free vendor would be there.  I picked up some gluten free bread and a brownie.  I walked around for a bit and checked out some of the other vendors.  Then I made my way to the food trucks.  Oh how I wish I could have had one of everything. . . but most of the foods had gluten so I settled for these fries.  OMG they were the best fries ever.  They had seasalt and rosemary on them and were so good!  I will be visiting that food truck again in the future!

This weekend I got my first pedicure since I walked 50 miles in 3 days.  Only 9 of my toe nails got polished!  I wonder when that toe nail will grow back?!

I made apple crisp without the crisp (gluten free treat).  It was so good!

So that was my weekend!  Now it is back to work.

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  1. I call finding 4 pairs of shoes a big success!!

    We have Orange Leaf here and LOVE it! So so yummy! Their new fall flavors are amazing!

  2. Those fries look amazing!! So much better than the Wheat Thins I'm currently eating for lunch.

    I'm calling Monica tonight so we can book our flight. I can't wait to meet you, I'm so excited!!


  3. I've seen those slippers so cute, do they come in adult sizes? If so, I want a pair! Love all the shoes!

  4. Lol aside from the toenail situation, looks like a great weekend! You did so much! So fun. And the shoes are all adorable.

    Thanks for linking up :)

  5. I have a new obsession with fro yo

  6. I love the blue shoes!
    Also, speaking of bloggers and people you haven't actually met, it has totally just dawned upon me how much you look like a really good friend of mine (second from right):
    Odd? Right? I think you have very similar hair. :)

  7. Hehe. :) I'm so glad you're coming, and I'm so excited to meet you!! :) Oh, and the nail will grow back. I ripped my big toenail entirely off in June, and it's almost all the way grown back now. It'll just take some time, but it will.

  8. you scored on those shoes-so cute! but your poor feet :(