Monday, October 1, 2012

This Weekend I. . .

I'm linking up today with Syndal and Sar for This Weekend I. . . (to be completely honest I had a boring weekend with very few pictures taken)!
This Weekend I watched the 2 hour season premiere of Law and Order: SVU.  I love that show and it did not disappoint!  
This Weekend I finally got my inspection sticker for my car (nothing like waiting until the last possible day)!  Fortunately my car passed!
This Weekend I finally got an oil change.  Yes I was way past due for this too.  My car got plenty of attention on Saturday.
This Weekend I ate at Panera while waiting for my car to get the oil changed. Yum!
This Weekend I took naps on both days.  The rainy weather made it perfect for nap taking.  I love naps so much and the extra sleep felt wonderful.
This Weekend I went grocery shopping for gluten free foods.  Yes you read that right.  Going to do another gluten free food trial.  I did it almost a year ago now and didn't think it made a difference but still not feeling great so want to give it another go.  I'll keep you posted.
This Weekend I started the dreaded project of switching my closet over from summer clothes to winter clothes.
This Weekend I met up with Cara for a pinkberry date!
This Weekend I met up with Morgan for a photo opp.  It was rainy but we still managed to make it work.  More on this to come in a couple of weeks!
This weekend I watched too many dumb Lifetime movies. . . 
Wow writing all this down makes me realize just how lame my weekend really was!  Ha!  
Hope you had a great weekend.  Happy October!


  1. panera, naps, movies..sounds like the best weekend ever!

  2. I have never tried panera. I have always wanted to though.

  3. I watched the first half of the Law & Order: SVU premiere too! I feel bad for Captain Cragen...

  4. lifetime movies always suck me in too :)

    frozen yogurt dates ate the best!!

  5. Oh my goodness.... can I have your weekend?!? It sounded fun, relaxing, and low-key. <3

  6. I need an oil change too ha! I went to a frozen yogurt place for the first time ever this weekend!

  7. Oh my gosh, between Pinkberry and Panera, it sounds like a perfect weekend! :)

    Visiting from TWI!