Friday, October 19, 2012

Funny Friday


I am so happy that the work week is over.  I thought it would never end.  It was just one of "those" weeks at work.  One difficult, sad, hard, stressful, etc case after the next.  You seriously wouldn't believe me if I told you about some of my patients.

It is just unreal.  The stuff reality tv is made of.

So to reward myself I decided to go and buy the iPhone 5 after work.  I went to the "fancy" mall since it is only minutes away from where I'm babysitting tonight.  When I pulled up I noticed that the fire alarm was going off and seconds later people starting pouring out of the mall.  

Then these arrived. . .

Several fire engines pulled up and the firemen ran into the mall.  I waited for a few minutes and before I knew it they were letting people back in.

So in I went. . . unfortunately the Apple store did not have any phones.  Boo!  I guess I'll have to order one.  

I'm not taking either of those 2 things as signs that I shouldn't buy one.  Haha!  Just a delay in my plan.

I ran across the street to CVS and there was another fire truck!!!!

Seriously!  Turns out these guys were just shopping.  Love how they park

I'm not parked on the couch with Sammy and Jake watching Tom and Jerry.

Excellent Friday night! :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. Haha oh no! I don't think the universe thinks you should buy a new iPhone! :P

    Just wait 'til something funny happens with your online order too! ;)

  2. I had one of "those weeks" at work too! I saw in your about me that you're a social worker -- I'm a paralegal for the children and youth agency in my county -- and I know exactly what mean with the reality tv scenarios! One day is worse than the next! Enjoy your weekend -- you deserve it!!!

  3. LOL-- guess good parking is one of the perks of the job!