Friday, October 12, 2012

Apples and Pumpkins and Goats Oh My!

Yesterday I took a rare half day at work and met my mom, Peyton and Ella at Tougas Family Farm for an afternoon of apple picking, pumpkin sitting, goat feeding and cider donut eating.  The weather was gorgeous and it was a wonderful afternoon.  Get ready for the photo dump!

The girls were VERY excited to be there!  As you can probably tell.  I told them to do their "crazy" pose and this is what I got! Ha!

 We pretty much had the apple orchard to ourselves which was really nice unfortunately there weren't a lot of low apples left. . .

 So I found a ladder to get some of the higher up apples and then. . .

These 2 little monkeys wanted to climb the ladder too!  

 Funny thing about apple picking is that it only take like oh 5 minutes to fill a big bag.  Needless to say we were balancing apples on top of the bag and eating some on our way out!

 Next up was a visit with the pumpkins. 

 Peyton made a pumpkin "bed" and then both girls wanted to take turns of being the photographers!

Next up were the goats.  I LOVE goats.  I just think they are so cute and fun.  Peyton and Ella were a bit nervous at first but once they saw Grammy do it they were all set.  They very quickly became VERY comfortable with the goats.

 I couldn't figure out why Ella always seemed to have so much food left.  Then I discovered she was literally feeding the goats one piece of food at a time.  When I told her to give them more she told me she didn't want them to get a stomach ache.  This kid is too much!

 After the goats and a really good hand washing we enjoyed some cider donuts and cider.  Yes I did cheat on my gluten free diet (which I'm about to give up on again anyways)!

 AND. . . just for fun a little THEN and NOW. . .

 These two have grown up fast.  It was just as much fun this time as it was back in 2009!  Can't believe it took us this long to make it back there.  

We had a wonderful afternoon.  Can't wait to do it all over again next year!


  1. I absolutely love goats! And pigs but mostly goats! Looks like a great timr :)

  2. Your nieces are so cute, and they are growing fast!

  3. What a great way to spend a fall afternoon! The girls must have felt so special getting to do such exciting things with you and your mom. Awesome!

  4. I can see all the fun in the photos! It will be a great memory for yall. Picking apples, etc is a great way to enjoy Fall

  5. I love those tiny little goats! Very cute. :)

  6. Omg they're so big!! I was thinking that even before I got to the comparison pic. Lol. And fall is seriously the best-- I love these kinds of things!