Monday, September 24, 2012

Life Is Good Festival

Sometimes we just need a reminder that life is good.  Really good.  I was definitely reminded yesterday as I was surrounded by positivity and optimism at the Life is Good festival in Canton, MA.  I was fortunate to receive free tickets through AFC Mentoring (perk to being a mentor folks - sign up now)!  Unfortunately my mentee was unable to go but I didn't want the tickets to go to waste (and I didn't want to miss seeing Dave Matthews) so I brought Kendall along.

It is hard not to be happy while at this event as you are surrounded by fun displays with positive messages.  There are so many fun activities to participate in and a lot of food and drink (including Dave Matthews wine which we tried). 

It was a beautiful afternoon and Kendall and I enjoyed walking around and checking out the scene.  She had actually been the day before with her daughter to see the Fresh Beat Band!  Ha!

I love cows.  Cows make me happy.  So yes I had to have a pic taken (after all the little kids were done).  We also sampled some delicious Stonyfield greek yogurt which was yummy.

And then it was time for the BIG event. . . Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. . . it was awesome!  Dave sounded great and performed many of his most popular songs.  We stood as close to the stage as we could get and then after an hour of standing we went towards the back and sat down.

It was a great afternoon/evening.  If you have never read about the Life Is Good mission you really should.  They do amazing things for kids in need.  Quite impressive!